The world’s most unique dining concept, Dinner in the Sky takes guests 50 metres up, suspended by a crane, to enjoy a meal. The gravity-defying dinner will be offered for a limited time during the festive season, with the crane to be set within the SkyDive Dubai.

There are 6 sessions daily (2 Lunch, 1 tea break and 3 dinner) with 3 course meal. Starts from 2 pm to the last session at 9-50 pm.

Dinner in the Sky was selected by Forbes in its list of the 10 most unusual restaurants in the world. “Floating” above the ordinary brings a whole new perspective to product launches, consumer promotions, sponsorship activation, corporate engagement and entertainment in the sky. The dining experience in the sky will take approximately 85 mins as follows: 20 mins for seating guests, 55 mins for flight duration and 10 mins for unseating guests. You are expected to arrive least 30 minutes before starting the session. Failing to arrive on time will be considered as no show with no refund).

Dinner in The Sky is an international concept that hoists heady diners to their seats-with-a-view in over 40 different countries. Previous chefs involved have included Joel Robuchon, Alain Passard and Heston Blumenthal. The Dubai event will feature sophisticated creations by Ritz-Carlton, available in several versions that can be selected beforehand. Favoured by groups looking for a team meal with a twist, or individuals looking for a truly unique dining experience, these floating feasts offer unrivalled views and indulgence from a different perspective.

Price: Lunch at 599 AED, Tea Break at 499 AED, Dinner at 749 AED. However if you would like to visit Dinner in the Sky during a weekend these prices will be 100 AED more.

Tel: + 971509256341+97125558178


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