Naples: sacred and sensual, ancient and modern, immortal and spectacular, historical and alive. Chanel presented its SS2018 Make Up collection inspired by Naples city. For SS 2018, Lucia Pica heeds the siren’s call of home to return to the city of her birth anew. Here, Naples’ ever-changing landscape, layered with history, meaning and metaphor, provides the inspiration for colors, moods and techniques that offer a warm, rich and  unexpectedly Mediterranean approach for the house – at once antique and utterly contemporary.

“When I close my eyes and think of Naples, these are the colors I see…”
Lucia Pica, Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer

For the lips, something special: Poudre À Lèvres, an entirely new and artisanal approach to lip color inspired by traditional tempera techniques used to create the ancient frescoes. In addition to the lip powders, there are no fewer than ten other choices of color for the lips, from the bright
poppy and raspberry shades of the Rouge Allure and Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks to the glisteningly ethereal shades of Rouge Coco Gloss, including Parthenope, a nude peachy caramel and Aphrodite, a watery baby blue that can be worn alone or layered over brightercolor. The Rouge Allure Ink shades, Entusiasta – a matte orange – or Eterea – a perfect peach pink complete the lip line-up.

For Spring / Summer 2018, Chanel wants to reflect the many faces of Naples, with a seemingly endless array of colors with which to conjure this spectacular city.

“All the elements of Naples are in here,” says Lucia Pica of this exceptional eye palette, the most generous Chanel eyeshadow compact to date. The palette is a play on texture as well as color: there are three each of matte, satin and high-shine shades, all beautifully soft and blendable. Colors range from brighter to more muted tones, reflecting Naples and its myriad influences:
ancient and modern, sacred and sensual, historical and alive. A bright green sits alongside a faded grey-green. A luminous peachy beige is tempered by a subtle mink brown. A bright gold sings out beside a dark rusty-red brown. Each color can be traced back to a visionary moment on Lucia Pica’s Neapolitan journey, from volcanic rocks to the sea at nightfall, and each is intended to be flattering and interesting on the skin.

The two green shades in the palette look incredible together. In general if you want to use more than one shade together it’s good to pair one of the brighter shades with one of the more muted tones. I’ve arranged them in three ‘harmonies’ within the palette to offer some initial ideas, too.





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