Wear your colour statement. Take it with you wherever you go. What else do you need? A wardrobe of colours inspired by Paris and Marrakech, two iconic cities anchored in YSL Beauté’s heritage – introducing the new YSL Couture Colour Clutch: two eye palettes dressed up with a chevron pattern and a leather-effect finish. It’s hot on style, with an edited selection of ten saturated shades created by Tom Pecheux, and uncompromising on packaging – like a clutch for your eyeshadows. With two palettes to choose from, the interplay of highly pigmented textures from satin to shimmer, metallic to matte with glitters, brings unexpected harmonies and a never-ending combination of impactful looks. Play with it; collect it; and take it out for the evening. You never know where it will take you.

A palette for Paris

The home of YSL Beauté, the City of Light has an indisputable impact on all who pass through its shimmering streets. To celebrate Paris, ten shades of metallic silvers, coppery bronzes, satiny roses, are juxtaposed with bold pop-shades of yellow, matte purple and opaque black. The silver, copper shades and the yellow on the left of the palette glimmer boldly like the Eiffel Tower, sparkling silver or lighted yellow at night, and gleaming bright in the day with the iron structure.

The variation of the four shades of pink, from a beige pink to a darker pink, on the right of the palette take its inspiration from the colour that we can see on the pierre de taille of Haussmann buildings during the ‘Golden Hour’ in Paris. The purple in the centre of the palette comes directly from Tom Pecheux’s very first Fall Look makeup collection, Yconic Purple, associated with an unapologetically intense black. As bold as you dare. Limitless possibilities.

The magic of Marrakech

Marrakech is central to the YSL Beauté heritage; a lesson in how to be endlessly inspired by a city rich in life, light and a lurid spectrum of dazzling colour harmonies. Reflecting this unique combination of intensity and heat, the left side of the palette is reminiscent of the gardens of Majorelle, a world of sky blues and verdant turquoise. The right side of the palette showcases the warmth of spice markets imbued in shots of amber, orange and dusky rose, like a sunset over the rooftops. In the center, the dark grey and white are included to highlight and intensify your look. Versatile, the shades and varying textures can be used in an infinite number of combinations to create sophisticated drama or the merest hint of colour. Mixing up metallic with satin, glittery matte with shimmer; it’s bright, extreme, for women who love colour.

The Couture Colour Clutch’s exceptional packaging is cool to grab and go; for the girl who wants her eyeshadows 24/7. The chevron leather-effect quilted casing, with an iconic Cassandre in gold, is ultra-desirable and collectible. Dusky lilac. Black line. A shimmer of gold. Kaia Gerber models a look created by Tom Pecheux using the Couture Colour Clutch Paris for the YSL Beauté campaign. Photographed by David Sims, as she gazes into the camera, she clutches her clutch, prepared for the night ahead. Her palette carrying the only things she needs, 10 hot shades to transform as the mood takes her – it matches her black leather jacket. Ready for anything; as long as it’s makeup.

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