Mineralscapes makeup collection by Byredo

Lucia Pica, Creative Image and Makeup Partner Landscape and memory: mixing the primal and the profound with the mineral and the elemental. Here, the outside, natural world, its ancient colours and elements, are united with and reflect the inner world of the wearer in the latest Byredo collection, Mineralscapes.

“The start of Byredo came from the idea of perfume as a translation of memories; it’s an invisible medium of emotion through scent. I want the makeup to be a visible medium of emotions. Mineralscapes is not strictly about where we come from geographically, it’s about something more ancient – our DNA, a cellular memory. It’s about how landscape and memory have shaped us over millennia. It’s a story that starts before you and ends after you.”

Continuing to explore meaning and emotion through makeup, Pica reflects the primal roots of such adornment. Inspired by the colouration and materiality of Byredo’s native Sweden, it is the natural, rural landscape that exerts a pull. In Mineralscapes, the eye is central to the collection, displayed through a large, striking palette of 18 eyeshadows together with a bold concentration on the brow through a selection of 5 shades of ULTRA DEFINER PENCIL. Lips take on a supporting role, with a hint of liquid colour and the shimmer of water in the singular, gold-flecked Frozen Memo, a LIQUID LIPSTICK VINYL.

In the limited edition Mineralscapes EYESHADOW PALETTE, colour is profound, both figuratively and practically, displayed in the depth and the quality of the 18 pigments offered to the wearer. Colour exerts an instinctive and sensual pull through balance, sophistication and freshness and is easily employed in a single stroke. Soft, creamy and lightweight second-skin textures feature in cool shades of northern Spring colours; from serene nudes, via glittering stones, to rich and velvety deep blues, cut through with silvered shine. Gliding and radiant, application and adhesion are effortless and abiding while encouraging intuitive experimentation and agency for the wearer.

All are framed by an approach to the brow that displays strength and precision through a natural array of shades: Charcoal, Slate, Sepia, Sand and Dusk. In the ULTRA DEFINER PENCIL, a refillable ultra-thin tip allows for perfect definition with a building and melding texture, allowing the wearer to choose from the natural to the intense in an enduring yet easeful formulation.

All is delivered in the sleek silver packaging that has become so characteristic of Byredo, designed by Ben Gorham, the founder and creative director of the brand. Here the preciousness of makeup packaging past is reimagined for today, becoming as much a talismanic and personal accessory as a beauty tool. From the embossed, mirrored casing of the Mineralscapes EYESHADOW PALETTE, featuring the mineral stones that are the motifs of the collection, via the streamlined beauty of the ULTRA DEFINER PENCIL, to the totemic transportation of the LIQUID LIPSTICK VINYL, each is an object that could come from the past, present or future. In so doing, these objects embody timelessness – like the collection itself.

“There is a sense of things always being different and always the same. Despite changing times and seasons, within an elemental world and landscape there is still a sense of permanence. Colour is profound. You can never quite explain why we are attracted to certain colours – we just are. I wanted to reflect that here. I wanted to take outside elements and colours and unite them with an inner life. I wanted to apply them to life.” Lucia Pica, Creative Image and Makeup Partner.


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