Experts from all around the world gathered under YSL Beauté to create a never-before seen committee. Dermatologists, urban skin experts, biologists, together they identified how a hectic urban lifestyle can impact skin and designed the best solutions. Caroline Negre is the International Scientific Director and Spokesperson for Yves Saint Laurent Beaute. Expert in cosmetology, biology & botanicals, she holds a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology Engineering. Caroline has worked in the beauty sector for more than a decade and held many technical positions involving formulation and development of skincare.

Before joining YSL Beauté, Caroline has deepened her scientific expertise by working on active ingredients for a leading raw material manufacturer. As an international skincare expert, Caroline has helped develop a vast range of skincare formulas, from dermatological products to luxury skincare. During the last 4 years, Caroline created and managed a scientific advisory board to analyse the effects of urban lifestyle on skin ageing. The result of their work led to creation of the new YSL Beauty skincare range Pure Shots.

The YSL Beauty laboratories created a new lipstick called The Slim Velvet Radical. What needs were you looking to address in creating it?

Consumers are looking for lipsticks that are comfortable, easy to apply and that they can wear on a daily basis. The long-lasting and the non-drying effects are also some wanted benefits when considering buying a lipstick. To achieve these goals, we have developed a cutting-edge formula that is long-lasting but especially addresses the comfort matte lip trend. The Slim Velvet Radical is the best of both worlds.

Tell us about how you achieved to get the velvet effect?

The new Slim Velvet Radical formula is composed of a unique Velvet-Radical Technology made of hemispherical reflective filler for a velvet semi-matte effect, optimized pigment ratio for full coverage and silky oil for intense creamy comfort.

Can you explain how the hemispherical spheres work?

Coming from foundation formulation, hemispherical reflective fillers brings a good level of mattity and soft-focus, a soft feeling effect and a smooth deposit for a velvet semi-matte effect. It plays with lights and shadows to add volume on your lips. It’s the perfect combination for those who want matte lips but keep the volume effect of a shiny lipstick.

What are the difficulties using such high levels of pigments within the lipsticks?

A pigment is a non-soluble colored powder that is dispersed in our formulas. The fact that it does not dissolve in either water or oil ensures the color’s solidity and stability, which guarantees opaque and even coverage in make-up. YSL Beauty color experts develop pigment particles that are as fine as possible to better spread and reveal colors and produce expressive and even shades. Pigments rely on light receptors within our eye to reveal their true colors. It was quite a challenge to find the right balance and create colors that are bold, vivid. But it was a success thanks to its unique formula which brings you a good coverage in only one stroke. This result comes from an optimized ratio pigments/pearls but also pasty agents that bring a perfect adherence on lips and a fantastic pay off.

How did you achieve an increased level of comfort with this lipstick?

The Slim Velvet Radical is very pleasant to wear. Its non-drying property comes from a silky oil ratio that has been increased three times compared to The Slim. This technology ensures a better spreadability and a smooth gliding sensation for an intense creamy comfort. The application is as fluid as the velvet fabric’s movement.

What ingredients are at the heart of The Slim Velvet Radical?

For this launch, we have selected the best ingredients. Rosat from our Ourika Community gardens is at the heart of The Slim Velvet Radical. The gardens in Morocco, cultivated by women, are a space of observation and experimentation, where the brand’s scientist identify the main benefits of ingredients to provide products with ever more effective properties.

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