Illusion, brightness, psychedelia. There is a light – a light so bright that it bursts across the city’s horizon in a dreamscape. Possibly the most audacious colour collection ever, prepare to open your eyes to the possibilities… Pop-art; pop-illusion; pop-bright.

An utopian dreamscape; the horizon, a melange of mellow lights for daring minds. Staz Lindes, YSL Beauté ambassador, gazes over the city view, lost in the unknown.  Is it dawn, is it sunset? The beginning or the end?  Transcendental, light takes her out of herself and on a journey that’s playful and experimental. An invitation to go somewhere new out there, somewhere she’s never been before…

Shot by celebrated photographer Craig McDean, her makeup is almost futuristic in its composition – clashing brights and vivid, sensual emotions, in perfect synergy with the landscape, like a parallel universe.  

Lip Palette Collector Colour Hallucination

The psychedelic atmosphere will let your creativity blow up thanks to this limited edition case of lip colours. Open up the palette to find an extra large mirror and five emblematic shades for lips. Super creamy texture. Intense colour pay-off. Plus a brush for perfect application every time. Five shades with different finishes from glossy to sheer; in rich and vivid colours that stand out.

Couture Palette Collector Pop Illusion Acid Brights

Solar yellow gold amidst a puzzle of blue shades with pink shining through… the limited edition YSL Couture Palette Collector has a magical harmony both inside and out.  At first sight, a mirage of blues with accents of pink, like a modern art-work; inside, shades that contrast, clash or complement according to how they’re played out.  Solar gold becomes a highlighter, a gentle wash of colour that beckons Spring; or a pop of acid brightness to shock and awaken the senses; the blues, both light and dark, add a daring touch to this clash of colours; while the rose-pink is a gentle nod to sensuality.


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