For two decades Philipp Plein has made a name for himself at the edge of the fashion world. Today, the famous and highly successful self-made entrepreneur is landing in perfumery with his take on what scents must be. It was written in his dreams that Philipp Plein would one day infuse his unbridled luxury and edgy style into the world of fragrances.

For Philipp Plein, a 100% independent and self-financed brand, the debut in perfumery marks a major step. Philipp Plein Parfums, a new company based in Geneva, has been created to develop a distinctive and successful perfume business for the Philipp Plein brand. Driven by the Chief Executive Officer Patrizio Stella, Philipp Plein Parfums belongs to Brands Beyond Beauty, an international company focused on innovative Brand building, global distribution and disruptive marketing implementation in the luxury perfumes and cosmetic field. Headquartered in Switzerland, Brands Beyond Beauty is centered around a team of winning and forward-thinking professionals and led by Patrizio Stella.

What immediately impressed me from the first meeting with Philipp Plein was his determination, his acute vision and how he masterfully simplifies things. He’s a gamemaker and indeed a gamebreaker. He has understood that success is made of simple but disruptive concepts. That is exactly how Philipp Plein will hit the world of perfumery and will stay at the top of it for a long time.

Ripping up the rulebook, Philipp Plein has chosen the skull, the most iconic and strongest symbol of the brand, to hit the perfumery world and mark this unprecedented happening in its history. Philipp Plein’s first ever fragrance will be launched in an exclusive preview edition: The $kull, a Parfum Art Edition priced at 350 Euro. A cutting-edge take on perfumery, capturing eternity in a bottle.

The $kull will be initially available at Philipp Plein selected boutiques and e-commerce in Europe and United States, starting December 2019, followed by a worldwide rollout from January 2020, including the most prestigious department stores.

Stay tuned: coming soon the major launch of Philipp Plein’s first men’s fragrance. To be announced end January 2020, it will hit selective perfumery and seize the world as of March 2020.

Philipp Plein’s unstoppable energy and upbeat attitude have made the eponymous brand one that inspires people to live life to the fullest and beyond: like a powerful call to always chase the extraordinary in life.

Thus, ripping up the rulebook, Philipp Plein has chosen the most iconic and strongest symbol of the brand, the skull, to mark his hitting the world of perfumery.

My first perfume had to be a skull. This iconic symbol irradiates the Philipp Plein identity, shining on my clothing, and standing out in every single Philipp Plein store. The skull – the strongest statement of living life to the fullest – now appears as The $kull – eternity in a bottle. Provocative, irreverent, embodying non-conformity and free-thinking, this perfume is an exclusive bespoke art object that draws the very best from the worlds of fragrances and design. It is superlative and immoderate, it exudes perfection down to the smallest details, said Philipp Plein, Founder & Owner of Philipp Plein.

The flacon is a sculptural and imposing piece of art, unprecedented in the world of fragrances. A tridimensional multifaceted head, sculpted like a black diamond and carved from massive black-lacquered glass. A true masterpiece, handcrafted from the inside out.

The fragrance is born of a co-creation breathed into life by Philipp Plein himself and the internationally acclaimed Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas. A statement of bold and contemporary luxury, a signature scent, unique and ultra recognizable. Tailored to measure by Alberto Morillas, it aims at capturing the larger-than-life personality and unrestrained energy of Philipp Plein.

I was very impressed by Philipp’s sharp mind and foresight. It was immediately clear to me that his first fragrance ever should capture his forceful energy, his charisma and extraordinary creativity. His persona was extremely inspiring to me. I created for him an ultra-rich, addictive and dark-wood-infused power-perfume, playing with contrasts in an overdose of pricey ingredients, made-to-measure accords and high-tech notes. I was triggered to create for him an indelible and sexy olfactive tattoo, to craft an uber luxurious Philipp Plein olfactive outfit, – said Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer.

Presented in a Parfum luxury concentration, The $kull scent is created to evoke a luxurious and sexy olfactive tattoo, leaving a powerful and addictive imprint on skin. Composed of spicy, woody-leathery and animal accents, the fragrance boasts a potent trail of black pepper, cardamom and flamboyant watery notes, boosted with the richness of dark woods and leather, and “pleined” with the luscious scent of Bourbon vanilla and black amber notes.

German designer Philipp Plein founded his namesake luxury fashion brand in 2008. Based in Switzerland, the collection comprises men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories, all distinguished by an unconventional and non-conformist style combined with impeccable craftsmanship. Philipp Plein group is available in prestigious boutiques and department stores across the globe and boasts over 250 mono brand stores worldwide including flagships in Milan, Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Las Vegas.

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