In 2020, green dials are being showcased across all the collections. The iconic Miss Audrey and Monsieur Bovet are just two of the many designs adorned in this color. In many cultures, green is the symbol of hope, luck and growth and Islam was undoubtedly the first to associate green with nature. Today this link symbolizes environmental protection. In this respect, what cleaner energy is there than energy that powers a mechanical watch movement or what eco-friendlier approach than storing this energy in a barrel that is able to provide this function for decades, if not centuries ? It is therefore entirely in keeping that this color now appears on Bovet dials.

Since its launch in 2015, Monsieur Bovet has become the symbol of timepieces featuring the iconic Amadéo® convertible case. Its elegance, understated design and two faces make it a fitting timepiece for every moment in the life of the modern man. Over and above an utterly uncompromising aesthetic and finishings, it is powered by a movement that is entirely manufactured in the manufacture’s workshops. The movement offers seven days’ power reserve, drawing its energy from a single barrel. This extraordinary power reserve demonstrates how Bovet’s technicians and watchmakers have perfectly mastered the art of energy. The guillochage motif on Monsieur Bovet’s two dials is an extension of the Maison Bovet’s symbol since 1822: a lotus flower with twelve petals symbolizing the twelve hours counted on the dials. It is decorated with fine appliqué Arabic numerals.

Women have also been given pride of place in the 2020 Collection. As demonstrated by this new edition of the Miss Audrey timepiece. It now features a green guilloché dial, whose starry motif reflects sumptuous shades. This timepiece is also housed in the Amadéo® convertible case, crafted in steel in this instance with a 36-mm diameter. The bezel and the iconic bow are set with white diamonds that beautifully enhance the shimmering dial. The case’s convertible feature allows the timepiece to be worn on the wrist, transformed into a table clock or turned into a majestic pendant without needing to use a tool. To match the dial in perfect harmony, Bovet has designed an original long jade bead necklace that falls to highlight the refinement of the timepiece. Miss Audrey is powered by an automatic movement displaying the date at 6 o’clock.

Bovet 1822’s craftsmen have once again skillfully combined their talents to create these two pieces. Several months’ development and fine-tuning were required to accomplish the end result. The process that they follow to achieve excellence is extremely demanding. Each dial is guillochéd and then lacquered on a metal plate whose diameter is greater than the finished dial. It is only once the different layers of lacquer have been applied that they carry out the drilling and machining operations. These procedures are extremely delicate yet guarantee the legendary excellence of the dials and timepieces that Maison Bovet 1822 has been manufacturing for almost two centuries.

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