Inspired by the art of fine jewelry making, Guerlain’s “Stunning Gems” collection writes a new chapter in Rouge G history, as the customizable lip color and luxe fashion accessory are now available in seven new natural sheer colors and eight stylish jewel-inspired double mirror cases. To every lipstick addict’s delight, this new selection of 2-in-1 balms (with hydrating balm and base) comes in one bold pigmented satin color and six new matte shades designed to reveal the natural tone of the lips.

On the way: four faceted cases and four cases bedecked in 1000 reflective sparkles to suit any and every fashion whim. There’s no better time to find the perfect Guerlain Rouge G makeup accessory to pair with your look.

Lip color and healing balm combine in one uniquely elegant gloss formula. Rouge G by Guerlain coats lips in natural shine for surefire feminine chic.The result glides onto the lips effortlessly, leaving a beautiful veil of color pigment and a level of glossy shine that can be adjusted according to the number of layers applied. With these seven precious new shades for creating light and comfortable sheer-colored lips, Guerlain sets the tone for a revolution in lip color.

Inside the formula

  • Hyaluronic acid spheres to continuously smooth, plump and hydrate lips.
  • Multi-faceted diamond powder to reflect the light and create the perfect soft-focus refraction for blurring small irregularities on the lip surface.
  • Guggul oil to firm, plump and stimulate collagen. Made from the resin of the Guggul tree, this property-rich oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for 3000 years.
  • Reflective pigments to create a stunning luminously sheer gloss color.

From bold brown, to pink-pigmented beige and copper-flecked coral, this signature color palette leaves all lips looking vibrant and with plenty of character. Three of the new shades have been numbered according to Chinese tradition to bring good luck. Set to become a permanent feature of the Guerlain color catalog are: number 168, a deep nude shade that is synonymous with prosperity; number. 518, a smoky pink that evokes success; and Number 219, a powerful garnet color that symbolizes eternal love. Designed to fuse with the lips for optimal comfort, it hydrates for six hours non-stop, boosting hydration by 27%.

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