Dedicated to the magical cherry blossom that receive cult attention across asia every year, Guerlain presents cherry blossom collection, a limited-edition makeup and perfume collection. Infused with a beautifully soft and serene spirit, Cherry Blossom Collection celebrates the joy that is sparked by the famous pale pink clouds of cherry blossoms that herald the arrival of spring.

Les Météorites

To evoke the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms themselves, Les Météorites has been reinvented with Happy Glow, a harmony of four exclusive pearlescent shades that seamlessly correct the complexion, refresh the skin and create a radiance that truly captures the soft light of spring.

Rouge G

Meanwhile, discover two cheerful new Rouge G shades complete with cherry blossom-engraved sticks, in either a satin-textured rosewood color or a matte, soft pink shade. Both are paired with a choice of two cases decorated with Sakura blooms on either a peaceful white, or poetic sky-blue background.

Aqua Allegoria Flora Cherrysia

Finally from the House comes a fragrant celebration with the release of a special 75 ml Aqua Allegoria Flora Cherrysia featuring a case decorated with the same cherry blossom design found across the rest of the Come into Bloom collection. Consider it the dream opportunity to discover this gorgeously enveloping, energizing and euphoria-inducing citrusfloral fragrance featuring a cherry flower base punctuated with notes of Nashi pear and white musk.

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