Hydration is the key to youthful skin with a healthy glow. But it must be controlled. For over 30 years, Guerlain has claimed its role as an anti-aging hydration expert with formulas whose advanced technology delivers deep, intense and long-lasting hydration to the skin. In 2019, Guerlain research goes one step further and takes hydration to a new dimension: that of cellular self-rehydration. Researchers discovered that a protein, NFAT5, helps combat the dehydration phenomenon by reinforcing cellular resistance to hydric stress and by facilitating the entry of water into the cells. The Aquacomplex Advanced Technology was developed to target essential factors linked to anti-aging hydration.

Skin is instantly steeped in moisture and plumped up with a healthy glow. Day after day, its resistance to dehydration factors is bolstered. Its freshness and youthfulness seem preserved. Super Aqua-Serum and Super Aqua-Lotion, iconic products whose cult textures have delighted loyal customers for over 30 years, now benefit from new performance.

Super Aqua-Serum: the power of plumping hydration

Its serum-in-cream texture with an incomparable feel is legendary. Thanks to the Aquacomplex Advanced Technology, it gives the skin the ability to intensely rehydrate itself and fight against the risk of dehydration. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines appear filled and smoothed. The skin’s freshness, plumpness and youthfulness seem intact. Super Aqua-Serum offers 30 hours of intense hydration.

Super Aqua-Gel: skin-perfecting moisturiser

A real innovation, this product makes its official debut in the range. Its transforming balm-in-water texture creates a sensation and makes no compromises when it comes to radiance and a matt finish. When massaged, the imperceptible micro-droplets in this frosted gel break into a fresh and hydrating water on the skin, thanks to innovative technological expertise. The Aquacomplex Advanced Technology reactivates the rehydration process: on the surface, skin is mattified yet luminous. Free of mattifying powders, this gel is ultra-comfortable and serves as a perfect makeup base. Available in a tube, it is the ideal product to take with you wherever you go to reveal radiant skin in all circumstances.

Super Aqua-Lotion: the radiance- and hydration-activating skincare water

This fresh and velvety textured lotion slips between the makeup remover and the serum with sensory pleasure to prepare the skin for the skincare ritual. Radiance-activating, it perfectly refines the skin texture. The Aquacomplex Advanced Technology initiates a first activation stage of water flows at the heart of the skin to trigger immediate Self rehydration and prevent dehydration. Skin is clear, fresh and ready to receive other skincare products. This lotion is applied to the face and neck.

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