OJAR is expanding its range of indulgent and luxurious fragrances with a highly concentrated 100ml Eau de Parfum, diffusing a long-lasting sillage on the skin. Created in collaboration with the renowned master perfumers from the House of Givaudan, the brand’s latest opus has been composed around OJAR’s 6 core collections: Rose, Honey, Sandalwood, Musk, Frankincense and Oud.

OJAR pays tribute to the region’s heritage through a modern, refined and inspirational collection composed of unisex and innovative creations. OJAR’s 100ml Eau de Parfum is designed to complement the iconic Absolute perfume oil paying homage to the traditional Middle Eastern ritual of fragrance layering.

As part of the OJAR Ultimate routine, the Absolute perfume oil comes as the first layer on your skin. Its innovative dual cap made of a glass stick applicator and a roll-on, is ideal for a bespoke application – emphasising and accentuating different parts of the body. The Eau de parfum will complement the Absolute allowing the user to reach a personal signature scent.

With a design that conceptualizes the brand’s DNA – colorful, generous, and elegant, the new bottle elevates the Eau de Parfum landscape by introducing a screw pump that can be used to refill the playful and nomadic format of the Eau de Parfum 15ml bottle, allowing the wearer to revive the fragrance throughout the day.

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