Ojar is the Middle-Eastern fragrance brand that has swept across the perfume landscape; introducing a new mélange of Eastern and Western fragrances. The flourishing brand is founded by Sheikha Hind Bahwan and curated by the esteemed Swiss perfume house: Givaudan. From their original release; Absolute, comes their second launch: the Ojar Discovery Box.

The Discovery Box will include a 2 ml. touch up bottle of every single delectable Ojar perfume oils; with three fragrances in each of the six ingredient collections: you will have amassed a total of 18 fragrances in one inspiring set. This Discovery Box will not only give you the opportunity to experiment and discern your favorite scents from the collection, but you will also have the opportunity to play around with layering – curating your own unique scent, after all, your scent is the signature you leave behind.

Ojar has embraced the remarkable beauty of the region through their core ingredients: Rose, Honey, Musk, Oud, Frankincense, and Sandalwood. Although each concentrated perfume oil has a unique allure, the Givaudan experts have curated the collection with the intention to promote individuality in fragrance, allowing layering to play a pivotal role in creating a scent that becomes your trademark.

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