An iconic accessory for all generations: the Gancini belt

The iconic Ferragamo men’s belts are made-to-order thanks to the special buckle personalization programme. It is a best seller from Ferragamo, an iconic accessory for all generations: the Gancini belt is available made-to-order with its buckle that can be customized with initials and symbols. When you look at the Gancini symbol, you see Ferragamo. With My Gancini, the icon is you.

My Gancini is a personalization service available in a selection of 24 Ferragamo boutiques worldwide. Customers will be able to personalise the buckle on their belts with their initials or symbols, thanks to three very simple steps:

  • Choose the belt kit box;
  • Choose the buckle – the label’s iconic double Gancini symbol – available in two different finishes: gold or ruthenium;
  • Select the two elements to be inserted inside the buckle, from letters of the alphabet and symbols that include a star, a bolt of lightning and a Gancini pattern.

Completed in this way, the elegantly packaged belt kit box is then ready for immediate purchase. Perfect gift idea for the Holiday Season, belts in the My Gancini programme can have new letters and symbols inserted into their buckles, to make different belts from just one.

My Gancini will be accompanied by a special digital communication programme and on the brand’s social media channels, which will involve a selection of international young male personalities – Guido Milani, Carlo Sestini, Marc Fornè and Patrick Janelle – telling the story of their own idea of uniqueness and individuality.

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