In red, green and blue, a sublime collection of animals stalks across the usually white covers of the Maison Christian Dior fragrances. Colours shimmer and pop, while refined illustrations charm and intrigue the eye. So which, then, are the scents in the boisterous Maison Christian Dior family that dare to joyfully dress in such finery?

With this collection in limited edition “Toile de Jouy”, Maison Christian Dior celebrates both a motif dear to the history of the Maison of the avenue Montaigne and its modernity. A playful, colorful tribute to an absolutely modern Dior classic that never ceases to amaze. The three icons get a fun makeover in this Toile de Jouy by Dior, are fresh Lucky, Gris Dior, the famous modern chypre, and the noble woody Oud Ispahan.

These three star signatures convey three unique fragrant emotions, composed by François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, as contrasting, facetted and fascinating lands of inspiration. For Lucky, the good-luck charm with lily of the valley-white flower accords that are a fresh celebration of Christian Dior’s legendary superstition, lucky green was the obvious choice.

A legacy of Christian Dior’s passion for 18th century refinement, Toile de Jouy is a major theme in the House universe. This cotton fabric with rural motifs has remained a key design code, inspiring a number of designers up until now, with Maria Grazia Chiuri successfully giving it a modern take in her collections. The Dior Toile de Jouy has come a long way.

In 1947, the material produced in Jouy-en-Josas, adored by the court of Versailles, covered absolutely everything in the first Dior boutique, prettily named “Colifichet,” at 30, avenue Montaigne. Walls and furniture, cartons and boxes all displayed the swing motif, which is a major classic of the genre.

It was the artist Christian Bérard, a very close friend of the couturier; who advised him to decorate the tiny boudoir-boutique in this way, as described in Christian Dior’s memoires (Dior by Dior): “It was he who advised us to hang the boutique with Toile de Jouy and to scatter hat boxes bearing the name of the House everywhere, on top of wardrobes and in every corner. Beneath this semblance of disorder, he had created life.”

Sophisticated, feminine and joyful, teeming with detail and displaying a beautiful range of reds on white backgrounds, the Toile de Jouy motif thereby instantly became a Dior signature. And this cult print would go on to cross time and fashions.

Maison Christian Dior took up this now playful print and decided to use it to decorate perfume cases and gift boxes. The white grain of the covers makes way, in this limited edition, for an exotic landscape that adorns cases and gift boxes. The height of sophistication, three Mitzah silk scarves sport this new take on the print, like a hyphen linking the couturier’s timeless muse with the Maison Christian Dior fragrances.

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