In the heart of the Palladian gardens by Bottega Veneta, deeply rooted in the Venetian soil, stand the trees—the symbols of nobility and eternity. Mighty, enveloping, and vibrant, they are the timeless hosts of the garden, taking their strength from the Venetian soil in which they are deeply rooted. Extending to the light of the sky, their green crowns sway, branches dancing in unison with the flickering beams of the sun. These everlasting guardians provided the inspiration for the three new Parco Palladiano fragrances, which pay tribute to three of nature’s most enduring species: the Olive, the Oak, and the Chestnut tree.
These three strikingly different compositions explore the personalities of each venerable tree, and represent the continued Bottega Veneta tradition of the Art of Collaboration with world-renowned perfumers Amandine Marie, Alexis Dadier, Sophie Labbé, and Quentin Bisch. Alexis Dadier has been a part of the Parco Palladiano story from the beginning, with his work on Parco Palladiano II and IV fragrances.

Parco Palladiano X Olivo

Parco Palladiano X Olivo conjures the powerful presence of the olive tree. Known as the Tree of Life, it is strongly rooted in the depths of the soil, with branches that ascend swiftly toward the sun. “Olivo is a woody green composition—strong and charismatic, grounded on the earth and rising to the air. From the bottom of its roots, climbing over the center of its trunk to the top of its leaves, it liberates its green strength,” says perfumer Amandine Marie. The olive-colored juice, green and woody in composition with a green olive accord, captures the vibrant hue of this tree’s silvery leaves glistening under the sun in spring.

Parco Palladiano Xi Castagno

Parco Palladiano XI Castagno engulfs its surroundings with an aura which is equal parts sweet and smoky. Robust and respected, the chestnut tree is the haven of the Palladian Garden, a watchful and welcoming oasis which has seen the passing of generations.
“We wanted to evoke the entirety of an old chestnut tree—from the deepness of the roots to the intensity of the fruits—with its twigs, bark and leaves, and this is something we had never done before. It was a risk to work on an unusual structure, with a whole accord built around this centennial tree, and to texture it with a contrast between green and balsamic notes.” – Perfumers Alexis Dadier and Sophie Labbé. A delicate golden brown juice, inviting in its warmth, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this soft yet woody aroma.

Parco Palladiano Xii Quercia

Parco Palladiano XII Quercia brings to life the intense energy of the oak tree, from its earthy roots to its calming green canopy. The majestic gatekeeper of the Venetian Garden, the oak’s mossy branches paint a woody lace pattern in the sky, rising high above the Palladian villas.
“I would describe this fragrance as a heart of wood, both suave and strong. It is the soul expression of a majestic Oak, a quiet yet mysterious strength in a Palladian garden,” says perfumer Quentin Bisch. With its rare oak note, unusually seen in perfumery, the fragrance’s deep brown juice is rich in both aroma and appearance.


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