With this guiding principle of Eastern philosophy, founder Lola Tillyaeva collaborated with renowned French parfumeur Guillaume Flavigny to bring French savoir-faire to the collection, and leading Feng Shui expert Priya Sher who counts Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Paula Coelho among others as her clients. The result, ten rare scents based on the two energies (yin and yang) of the five elements.

Introducing Yin Transformation, an enigmatic parfum embodying the two opposing forces of yin and yang. This interplay of energy affects the natural order of the universe creating nationally recognized global norms such as the four seasons and four directions. Centered on the concept of metamorphosis, Yin Transformation balances one’s Yin feminine energy, which in turn equalizes the Yang masculine energy.   Through this balance, the wearer can gain clarity, thus able to optimally explore The Harmonist’s 10 signature parfums based on the five elements: metal, earth, fire, wood and water.

Yin Transformation is reminiscent of the transformation that swells first within the Yin energy itself, then moves over into Yang. We can feel this through the scent’s initial aqueous and playful, flowery base notes which subsequently transform and manifest in a new light via creamy notes of sandalwood and white musk. This fragrance is at its best parfum concentration and provides stability and balance between yin and yang energies for the wearer.

A precious lacquered bottle is inspired by ancestral ceramic vials used by alchemists to preserve precious perfume. As a piece of contemporary art, the Yin Transformation bottle reveals an enigmatic blue color inspired by the different facets and infinite movement of water. The blue shade also evokes the concepts of infinity, transparency, imagination, wisdom, truth, creativity, spirituality, dreams and escape.

The Harmonist believes harmony is the true source of beauty and the environmentally friendly refillable elixir bottles are designed with this in mind, with opaque glass lacquered bottles in solid black or white which draw inspiration from antique ceramic vials used by alchemists to preserve their precious concoctions. The cap, featuring the opposite color, seals the element’s symbolic fragrance. Carboard packaging represents Wood, the ceramic cap represents Earth, the metal pump represents Metal, the glass bottle represents Fire and the pure essence represents Water, thereby preserving the sense of balance and harmony in each bottle.

The unique maison de parfum, The Harmonist, launched in the Middle East in December 2018. Founded in 2016 by Karimova-Tillyaeva, The Harmonist is the first of its kind: fragrance attuned to your personal energy. Inspired by ancient Asian philosophies, it encourages one to seek the right balance of yin and yang between the strongest of the five elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

The Harmonist is available in Harvey Nichols at Dubai’s Mall of The Emirates.

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