The D&G men’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection sets the scene for an idyllic and active day at the beach. Regardless of age the D&G man can’t wait to get beneath the sun, taking as many friends and family with him as he can, insuring he will always have a partner for playing sports. Elements inspired by the blues of the sea are combined with lightweight white fabrics. The looks pay homage to creativity, Italian design and the summery, unforgettable atmosphere of holidays in Sorrento.

He revels in the crowds that gather by the water and lives by the mentality that more really is merrier. In low slung cargo pants in lightweight fabrics such as linen and cotton he often wears them unzipped down the side or front. They are his favorite pants and he owns them in many colors from military green to dusty pink.

Athletic mesh sports pants in bright colors are always on hand so he can pick up a game of baseball with his friends. Always individual he customizes his tops by cutting off sleeves and adding extra buttons to create his own kind of polo shirt. Layering is key whether or its athletic pants under distressed jeans or a polo shirt under a striped button down or satin bomber jacket.

As the temperature rises he changes into his cotton or distressed denim shorts and always there is a pair of sexy swim shorts for body surfing or tanning. His accessories help complete his look and add to his personal style. His favorite accessory is his frayed denim visor that has faded to a pale pastel from too much sun. Colorful sneakers and sandals are his footwear of choice while he never leaves home without his terry cloth wrist and headband always ready for a game of tennis.

Dolce & Gabbana built something new about the preexisting architecture of tailoring, proposing broad back-pleated pants as the foundation for slim jackets shaped around pin tuck seams. They also worked on some fun hybrid pieces including a bold sweatpant-jean splice and a lovely full-shoulder jacket in differently shaded and textured sections of blue leather.

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