From the glamorous shores of Psarou beach to the majestic Arabian sea, the ultimate Nammos experience is coming to the heart of Dubai and is set to open in November 2019 at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai, Jumeirah Beach. Introducing a world to an endless summer as the season concludes in Mykonos, now it can continue in the UAE – bringing to Dubai their unprecedented cuisine, devoted staff and eclectic holiday ambiance. The Nammos experience has become synonymous with brightening up any day, and is globally renowned for hosting the best day to night parties, including spectacular concerts, that illuminate the nights with the glamour of the stars to include some of the world’s biggest celebrities and A-list guests.

Notorious for barefoot luxury, Nammos is a haven of opulence and hedonism with a long-standing relationship with acclaimed fashion brands and haute-couture labels including Dior, Gucci, Burberry, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton. Sailing in the strong Aegean breeze, the concept brings the carefree soul and luxurious aesthetic of Mykonos to Dubai. The new venue comprises of a Mediterranean restaurant, a beach bar, the Nammos Beachfront and an extravagant one-of-a-kind bubbly room.

The Nammos Restaurant in Dubai is set to become a hotspot for experience seekers from all around the globe. With a Greek inspired menu, Nammos savours the succulent flavours of Mykonos against a background of the sun and sea. Tastebuds will be spoilt for choice by the rich flavours across an array of seafood dishes using only the freshest produce from Greece, imported every morning to be served by noon. In pursuit of absolute perfection on the table, only the finest and freshest ingredients are sourced by the restaurant.

The gastronomic experience is brought to life through their innovative and revolutionary elements that play on curation of the menu- from the simplest to the most delicate and sophisticated culinary creations. Whether it’s the generous offerings of seafood dishes, fresh pasta, mouth-watering risottos, traditional appetizers, finest sushi and sashimi, or cuts of premium meat, there is something to suit every refined palate.

Lined with the iconic blue and white umbrellas, the Nammos Beachfront boasts promises of ultimate indulgence and presents the absolute luxury beach experience. The Nammos Beach bar, where parties seem to emerge from the waves, recreates the ambiance of life aboard a luxurious yacht. The endless bar mimics an extended fashion runway fueled by the sea breeze and serves the best selection of drinks in the world including all classics, signature blends or bubbly cocktails made by Nammos’s experienced mixologists.

A symphony of blue and white, Nammos will captivate you with the magical setting, impeccable service and the epicurean flavours. You no longer have to wait for summer to get a dose of Nammos…it’s now only a drive away!

For reservations: +971 52 912 5870 or e-mail

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