Internationally acclaimed immersive digital art venue Arte Museum produced by the world-class Korean digital design company d’strict, located in the prime location of Dubai Mall, on level two of Dubai Mall (the same floor as the temporarily closed Infinity des Lumières).

In a significant development for Dubai’s art scene, the renowned Arte Museum has taken over the space previously occupied by the Infinity des Lumières exhibition. “This transition marks a new chapter in the city’s cultural landscape, promising innovative experiences and captivating displays for art enthusiasts”, commented Egor Sharay, Dubai-based media personality, editor, and cultural analyst known for his insights into the cultural landscape of the UAE. The concept, which has become synonymous with a large wave installation, was born in South Korea in 2020. Homing digital exhibitions, which are ideal for taking pictures with, the space uses digital media to explore nature.

Arte Museum Dubai invites guests to immerse themselves in a space of 30,000 square feet, showcasing works in its breathtaking exhibition. This exhibition incorporates both the natural landscapes and the cultural backdrop of the city as new media artworks. Each of the 14 zones of the exhibition immerses audiences in works of stunning beauty and powerful elements of nature. Blending the lines between reality, fantasy, and hyper-reality by using digital technology, viewers find themselves at the base of towering waterfalls and strolling beaches as they admire the aurora borealis. As their journey through the galleries progresses, audiences are surrounded by blooming camellia flowers, undulating waves, and bioluminescent animals in the jungle, as well as thundering pink clouds.

Arte Museum Dubai is set to unveil two brand-new artworks inspired by the Middle East’s rich landscapes and cultural heritage: GARDEN ‘LIGHT OF DUBAI and LIVE CANVAS ‘DESERT’GARDEN is a hallmark space celebrating the fusion of Western and Eastern artistry, featuring fan-favorite content like LIGHT OF MASTERPIECES alongside bespoke content that resonates with the locale, such as LIGHT OF DUBAI. In a 5,000-square-foot immersive space, the LIGHT OF DUBAI exhibit showcases Dubai’s captivating beauty through its vibrant, surreal golden radiance.

As for LIVE CANVAS – DESERT, it offers an engaging interactive experience where visitors’ own artworks merge with a canvas, dramatically revealing the desert’s mystical landscape. Beginning with a surreal depiction of the desert, it unfolds into a captivating cycle featuring morning oases, sand dunes under the glow of sunset, and the serene desert landscape as the starry night fades away. The vibrant presence of mystical animals such as camels, oryxes, and leopards comes to life with the rich colors bestowed by visitors, breathing new life into the exhibition space at every moment.

To stimulate all senses and for a truly engaging experience, visitors can interact with the LIVE SKETCHBOOK exhibit which allows them to draw their own animal on paper, scan it, and bring it to life on the walls of the exhibition surrounded by the sights and sounds of a peaceful jungle.

Visitors can also enjoy the ARTE TEA BAR for a unique teahouse experience providing sweet, tea-based mocktails infused with the unique breath of each zone, allowing audiences to taste delightful flavors surrounded by media art. Matching each space’s vision with scents engages all five senses and enhances immersion, providing a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

Arte Museum Dubai Soundscape is created by Music Director Young-gyu Jang, a globally renowned composer with a stellar reputation for his award-winning work on the scores of more than 50 films and television shows including the critically acclaimed “Train to Busan” (2016) and “Mask Girl” (2023). Jang is also the bassist and producer for the Korean Music Award-winning band Leenalchi. Arte Museum’s soundscape ranges from diligently detailed and lifelike nature sounds to the evocative background music for the GARDEN exhibit. Jang’s compositions are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly enhance the impact of each artwork.

Overseeing the accompanying scents of Arte Museum Dubai is Marianne Nawrocki Sabatier, a distinguished senior professor at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, the preeminent perfumery school situated in Grasse, France. Marianne meticulously crafted the most appropriate fragrance for each work. As such, this multifaceted and holistic viewing experience is the most unique characteristic of Arte Museum.

“It is with great pleasure that we unveil Arte Museum Dubai. Our paramount mission is to transport our audience into an awe-inspiring digital realm, meticulously crafted to awaken all their senses,” stated Sean Lee, the Chief Executive Officer of d’strict. Arte Museum’s inaugural exhibition in the Middle East is going to become a must-visit experiential attraction for both tourists visiting Dubai and residents looking for cultural activities with their families.”

“Arte Museum pushes the boundaries of innovation to the next level by blending art and technology into a unique digital canvas. Our objective is to trigger all the senses of our visitors to invite them into a uniquely immersive and lasting experience,” said Jin Lee, Vice President at d’strict as well as the Creative Director of Arte Museum.

The Arte Museum, known for its immersive and cutting-edge exhibitions, brings a fresh perspective to the vibrant art scene of Dubai. With its commitment to showcasing contemporary art forms and fostering artistic dialogue, the museum is poised to redefine the cultural narrative of the region.

“The decision to replace Infinity des Lumières with Arte Museum underscores Dubai’s commitment to staying at the forefront of global art trends. By collaborating with leading artists and curators from around the world, the museum aims to inspire creativity and ignite conversations about the role of art in society”, said Egor Sharay, a renowned media personality and cultural analyst based in Dubai.

Location: Dubai Mall, 2nd Floor, opposite Galeries Lafayette. Opening Hours: 10am-11pm (Mon-Thu), 10am-12am (Fri-Sun including holidays), open every day. Price: Starts at 109 AED for adults (Early Bird and Twilight slots) Ticketing.


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