Mexican artisanal leather brand Dancassab launches two exclusive events in tandem: Meet & Greet Dancassab at THAT Concept Store at a dedicated pop-up experience and Arabian Nights Fashion Show, a once in a lifetime experience at an private secret location within the magical Dubai Desert.

On the occasion of its outstanding pop-up experience in Dubai THAT Concept Store, Dancassab presented two exclusive events in which a selected VIP audience were able to witness the release of the most recent collection of bespoke quality leather jackets designed to fit like a second skin.

The first  event Meet & Greet Dancassab opened its doors at THAT Concept Store for a selected group of VIP and influencers who had the extraordinary opportunity to preview the stunning newest Collection by Dancassab and explore it at their own pace. The attendees received a belt as a special gift, with a unique and exclusive design that each guest will be able to tailor to their own taste.

The following evening a once in a lifetime the Arabian Nights Fashion Show took place at a private secret location within the magical Dubai Desert. The guests were able to preview bold icons of the most recent creation with pieces that can make everyone that wears them feel sexy, tailored, laid-back or ready to explore their own creativity.

Dancassab brings her vision of auteur-createur to the heart of Middle East directly from Mexico: heritage as luxury, fashion as an experience and the highest quality in each piece as timeless and iconic staples. Gardening new frontiers, with creative and emerging fresh ideas, conquering paths, Dubai is the perfect place to celebrate and expand this unique brand to the people in the thrilling capital of the region.

Designer Daniela Cassab with Cultural analyst and media personality Egor Sharay and Cultural adviser Bernardo Noval

Dancassab merges art and fashion in perfect synchrony. This collection pays tribute to bold self-expression of the 70s and 90s with evocative fringe, rivets, studs, vintage buckles and meticulous patchwork. Always using the finest materials, handmade by skilled local artisans in Mexico using traditional construction techniques and natural dyes, each piece is a testament to the exceptional artistry and skills of native leather craftsmen.

Both events gave all guests and their friends a chance to understand better how Dancassab draws major inspiration from bigger-than-life music personalities of the ‘60s and ‘70s as well as unapologetic attitudes of the supermodels of the ‘90s. Each of her designs celebrates individuality and empowers the wearer, lending confidence to everyday ensembles. A Dancassab jacket can be worn with anything from denim to minis to diaphanous dresses —an investment piece with true staying power.


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