The spring/summer 2024 anniversary collection takes a retrospective look at Hanro’s history and pays homage to the woman who has always been at the heart of Hanro . Accordingly, the anniversary styles are named after strong women who have played a pioneering role in society, fashion, politics, science and culture. While the men’s collection is dedicated to famous men who have supported and promoted women.

The source of inspiration for the designers was the company’s archive in Liestal, where valuable treasures have been accumulated over the past 140 years. “We were inspired by historical pieces from old Hanro  collections,” explains designer Elena Panagopoulos. “The aim was to breathe a soul, a personality into the anniversary styles, which effortlessly adapt to the needs of the customers*. In doing so, these lingerie creations underline the unique feeling of well-being ‘The touch of luxury’, captivate with their individual character and tell a story.”

The spring/summer anniversary collection was staged in the hip ‘old money aesthetic’ on the Côte d’Azur, which serves as the cradle of haute couture and the setting for legendary fashion brands. As early as the 1930s, the children of the two Hanro  company founders, Charles A. Ronus and Madeleine Handschin, traveled to the French Riviera for research purposes. Inspired by this fashion, they developed Hanro  beachwear at that time, which is now being revived in the anniversary collection ‘Madeleine’, among other things, as a tribute to the designer of the time.


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