That’s the one word that defines Yves Saint Laurent. Always on the edge. Experimenting. Breaking boundaries. And if Libre defines YSL it is also because the mission of the brand has always been to give women the power to express their identity. Fiery, intense, driven by her rawest intuition, the Yves Saint Laurent woman embodies that word. And today, more than ever, she brings to life his motto: “Tout, mais terriblement”. Everything, but in the extreme.

A cool, untamed beauty with an edgy signature style, the young singer-songwriter Dua Lipa – a cultural definer and one of the most streamed artists in the world – is the face and voice of Libre Eau De Parfum, and now the new Libre Eau De Parfum Intense. The It-conic fragrance of freedom. A sexy cool floral grown between France and Morocco. Conceived between Paris and New York. Walking the line between the masculine and the feminine… Everything that makes Libre so ground-breaking. But more intense.

In 2020, be ready to experience your wildest and most instinctive self. Because free is more than a state of mind. It’s a thrilling, subversive way of being strong. Playing by your own rules. Because you do you. No compromises. No contradictions. And smelling magnificent all along with the trailblazing, smoldering silage of Libre Eau De Parfum Intense.

With Libre Eau De Parfum Intense, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s iconic scent takes on more depth and mystery, its higher concentration reflected by its rich, tawny colour. Libre’s original, provocative move was to gender-bend a classic masculine fragrance style, known as the fougère, into a feminine perfume – just like Yves Saint Laurent retailored the tuxedo for women. Here, Master Perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm follow their instinct and take their bold composition even further, intensifying Libre’s tension between cool masculinity and smoldering femininity. The core accord of Libre contrasts the key ingredients of fougère. Customized by Anne Flipo to highlight its flamboyance, Diva Lavender heart from Provence brings out the warmest facets of the essence. Lush Orange Blossom absolute from Morocco, fashioned by Carlos Benaïm, reveals the hidden, burning-hot character of the suave white flower.

In Libre Eau De Parfum Intense, the masterful duo turns up the heat, unleashing their creation’s fiercely sensual nature, with a magnetic scent captured in heart of the jungle: the flamboyant Orchid accord. Like an intriguingly exotic bloom pinned on a sleekly tailored tuxedo, accenting the femininity of the woman who wears it, the Orchid sets LIBRE’s glowing floral core ablaze. Described by the perfumers as “floral, creamy, vanillic and spicy with a slight smokiness”, the captivating sensual fragrance of the Orchid burns through the melting floral heart of Libre Intense, matching the honeyed facets of the burning orange blossom with the perfume’s smooth vanilla and glowing amber accord, built around a classic ambergris note, Grisalva.

Highlighting the contrast between masculine and feminine that is the signature of Libre, the perfumers have brought in another new player. Often featured in men’s fragrances, rooty Vetiver adds its dark accents of smoke and wood to the addictive base notes, its rawness boosting the carnal power of Libre’s flowers. Insanely couture – yet driven utterly wild by the sensual new orchid blooming in its fiery floral heart. Hotter, richer, more powerful… The scent of freedom has never been so Intense.

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