Thousands of people gathered in various places in Bulgaria to watch the sun rise on the 1st day of July. This tradition, unique to Bulgaria, is observed in honor of freedom, friendship, and the love of life. The British rock band Uriah Heep’s song “July Morning”, which was popular in Bulgaria in the ‘70s, somehow gave the event its name. The sun worship as a symbol of a new beginning in life motivates young people to keep the tradition live.

The biggest stage and the most amazing event celebrating this occasion is at Marina Dinevi yacht club in St.Vlas. This year July Morning in Planet Yacht Club at Marina Dinevi will be also the opening party of the first edition of Sveti Vlas Film Festival. Movie starts, influencers and TV and media celebrities will be special guests of the event.

Legendary rock-band Akaga announced as headliners if the show 2022. People from across Bulgaria traveled to the Black Sea coast to meet the first sun rays on the first day of July. And the best of the beautiful people and fun crowd were in St.Vlas. Guests can  enjoy one of a kind soundtrack show – Bulgarian artists with original make up and costumes are going imitate the singers of the best known film music.

Tickets are available online and at the Office Dinevi Group in Sveti Vlas.


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