For its first foray into the world of NFTs and digital art, Panerai has partnered with one of the pioneers in the category. Skygolpe, a widely acclaimed multidisciplinary Italian artist and visionary creative in the digital sphere, will create the NFT artworks to be delivered to clients as part of their purchase of the Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition. They are contemporary masterpieces from one of the most inventive artists in the medium and much more.

The 50 Genesis NFTs offer exclusive content regarding details of the Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition watch, combined with a sailing journey along the Amalfi Coast aboard the Eilean. The NFT reveals unique aspects of its owner’s specific itinerary as the trip progresses. And long after the excursion’s end, the owners of the Genesis NFTs will receive priority access to future initiatives from Panerai, including special services, events and offerings from the brand.

The release of the Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition, a 45mm watch featuring the classic form of the 1930s Radiomir and bronze accents salvaged from the historic yacht Eilean, marks the brand’s adoption of the leading edge of blockchain technology. Owners find a one-of-a-kind digital NFT artwork created exclusively to accompany the Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition within each wallet. These digital assets are not only exceptional examples of visual expression, but also an evolving passport to an array of benefits related to the Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition and beyond.

Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of Panerai, views the brand’s entry into the NFT category as a logical evolution. “Panerai has a fearless outlook. The brand is always committed to remaining at the forefront of new technology in our manufacture and beyond. We will always pursue every medium or technology that will allow us to deliver a more enriched experience to our clients. They have deep, eclectic interests, and I know they will be excited about collecting artwork from one of the world’s most forward-thinking artists. The fact that it is an NFT that extends additional benefits and services only adds to its appeal.”

Panerai and Skygolpe share common traits and motivations, including deep Italian roots and profound respect for enduring design, making the collaboration particularly meaningful. In addition, the brand’s aesthetic sensibility is one Skygolpe admires. “I love the design. It is really unique, merging elegance and boldness.” And the artist has an appreciation for the brand’s ethos of tenacity and innovation. “I really relate to the idea of the modern hero because it connects to my artistic research,” he says. “I also love to contrast, human heroism with its fragility. The energy that is released through that dichotomy is the essence of life and existence.”

Having gotten his start as a street artist in London during the genre’s golden age, Skygolpe returned to his native country to explore a more varied creative practice, encompassing media including photo installations, paintings and digital art. His runaway success as one of the earliest makers of NFT art has made it possible for him to focus on his art exclusively. He sees limitless potential in NFTs. “There is not a specific style or technique that applies to an NFT. Every type of creation can be conveyed by an NFT” he says. This is just the first step of the collaboration, as new NFTs will be revealed to their owners on the occasion of each Panerai Experience, according to Skygolpe. “The meaning of my pieces is always meant to be completed by the viewer.”

Founded in Florence in 1860 as a workshop, shop and subsequently school of watch-making, for many decades Panerai supplied the Italian Navy and its specialist diving corps in particular with precision instruments. The designs developed by Panerai in that time, including the Luminor and Radiomir, were covered by the Military Secrets Act for many years and were launched on the international market only after the brand was acquired by the Richemont Group in 1997. Today Panerai develops and crafts its movements and watches at its Neuchâtel manufacture. The latter are a seamless melding of Italian design flair and history with Swiss horological expertise. Panerai watches are sold across the world through an exclusive network of distributors and Panerai boutiques.


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