Creating scenes in rings with the precision of a watchmaker, founder and creative director of Dreamboule, Beniamino Crocco, fills resistant sapphire domes with small precious items and gold-flakes suspended in liquid. When shaken, the miniature snow globes come to life. Scenes are suspended in Dreamboule’s Dream Solution. Moving components within the ring dance in the liquid, whilst secret ingredients preserve its precious contents. The ideal density provides the perfect amount of resistance to produce a ‘slow-motion’ dream-like effect.

Liquid ‘Dream Solution’, slow motion floating 24k flakes of gold, precious stones and a magical story – these are the 4 key elements behind the innovative approach to Dreamboule’s design, and the ruler of this jewellery kingdom reflects his enchanted reign in his original approach to creating jewellery art rings.

Aesthetic code of the Milanese Maison and symbol of passion and good luck, a couple of ladybugs in rubies lightly touches the jewel, while the iconic Dreamboule gold flakes twirl in the Dream Solution under the Swiss Made cabochon vault of natural sapphire glass.

100 Bentley ring is crafted in 18K white gold, white diamonds, rubies, black diamonds, 24K white gold flakes, white mother of pearl, black volcanic stone. Creating a Dreamboule ring takes about 240 hours, with 30 hours alone being required to set the diamonds to the bezel. Yes – at the heart of the Superb Collection is an unexpected element – a bezel of a watch. Ben Crocco spent years working for the renowned watch brand Hublot, and therefore decided to incorporate such precision into the design of his rings.

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