On the whole, jewelry never goes out of style. No matter the decade or the trend, the unique designs of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings have served as both statement pieces and daily accessories.  Whether it’s a renowned Cartier Love Bracelet or a classic Mikimoto pearl necklace, there are so many designers elevating jewelry and creating pieces that are worth every penny. As with most undiscovered talents, look no further than social media to uncover a plethora of highly-esteemed jewellers, mostly sported by hyper-stylish and dewy-skinned fashion influencers, who cleverly seduce us into their aspirational aesthetic, one hashtag at a time. Here is a beautiful selection of fine jewellery  from our leading designers Alessa Jewelery, Tabbah, Aisha Baker, Terzihan, Yeprem and Dreamboule.

Alessa Jewelry

Alessa Jewelry is a fairy tale based on the true romance and affection of Yuvraj Pahuja and Alessandra Robles. Their love story began during their studying years at the GemologicaI Institute of America and has transcended into every Alessa piece since 2009.

Heart Diamond Studs by Alessa in White Gold with White Diamonds ($8,995). Pink Strada Earrings by Yeprem in 18K White and Pink Gold with Diamonds ($10,300). Unity Stack: Tokyo by Alessa Jewelry in 18K Rose Gold with Diamonds and Hand-Painted Diamond ($12,738)


In December 2014, the House of Tabbah opens its flagship store on Allenby Street Beirut. A timeless and refined place, blending French elegance and Oriental warmth, dedicated to the Art of High Jewelry.

Pendant from the Talisman line by Tabbah in 18K Rose gold with Diamonds and Rubies ($10,250). Ring from the Talisman line by Tabbah 18K Rose Gold with Round Diamonds, Round Rubies ($5,800)

Aisha Baker

Launched by jewellery expert aisha baker and emerging designer hoonik chang in 2017, Aisha Baker is a return to the fairytales of our childhood: to the enchanted forests, mysterious castles and bewitching characters of folklore, elevated to add a dash of escapism to our modern lives. Every piece in the collection is a reinvention of classic fairytales translated for the 21st century woman. The distinctive materials, eccentric design and high-spec manufacturing allow us to produce only a limited amount of masterpieces per collection, which makes each one even more special, as there will never be a second of the same.

Fizzy: Slim Fizzy with Marquise Cut Solitaire – Red by Terzihan in 18K Rose Gold with Diamond and Red Enamel ($1,950). All You Need by Aisha Baker in 18K Yellow Gold with Enamel, Diamond and Blue Sapphires and Topaz ($3,700). Pendant from the Talisman line by Tabbah in 18K Rose gold with Diamonds ($8,250)


Founded in the historical Grandbazaar of Istanbul, in 1974, is a contemporary and boutique jewellery brand with its edgy and unorthodox designs mostly by its unusual use and cuts of natural stones.

Family is rooted back to the late Persian Empire of 18th Century, where the ancestors served as imperial sartors. The story goes from Mesopotamia to Istanbul, and then to the beautiful Lisbon, the western part of theEurope.

Fizzy: Red Enamel Square Earring by Terzihan in 18K Rose Gold with Diamonds and Red Enamel ($1,700). Unity Stack: Istanbul by Alessa Jewelry in 18K Gold hand-painted with Diamonds ($17,990). Lip Lock Romantic by Aisha Baker in 18k White Gold with White Diamond and Red Enamel ($5,800)


The Dreamboule’s adventure begins one winter evening in a small chalet in the mountains where Ben Crocco spends his Christmas holidays with his wife and three children. Sitting in front of the fireplace, the designer observes the children playing with a boule de neige which catches the magic of the flashes of light and the thousand reflections transmitted in the room. Immediately, his imagination runs to precious metals, to a jewel, a ring, which contains a perfect dream to wear. Dreamboule is the result of high craftsmanship, fine Swiss watchmaking and Italian design.

Each Dreamboule ring contains delicate golden flakes that create an iconic movement effect within the sapphire cabochon. The production processes of paillettes and poudre are very complex, requiring special skills and a high goldsmith mastery. A unique mix is required to achieve the radiant and timeless light of these delicate gold leaves. The phase of cutting gold leaves in small and impalpable flaxes is the true expression of high craftsmanship and an ancient “metier d’art”. The alloy of paillettes and poudre is in 24K gold, purer than the gold commonly used in the industry.

No’u Ring by Terzihan in 18K Gold with Black Diamond, Rubies and Amethyst ($4,940). Love by Dreamboule in 18K White Gold with White Diamonds, Rubies, White Mother of Pearl and 24K Rose Gold Flakes ($33,300). The Wild Ring by Aisha Baker in 18K Yellow Gold with Enamel, Emerald, Ruby, Pink Sapphire and Yellow Sapphire ($19,500)


In 1964, Yeprem Chakardemian was inspired by a golden bracelet bestowed to him by his mother, paving the way for a family empire in the jewellery industry. At the tender age of 15, Yeprem debuted his meticulous craftsmanship, creating artistic pieces that accentuate figure. A visionary artist who truly understands the power of femininity, Yeprem the Couturier illustrates beauty with the finest gems to create unique pieces of wearable art.

Innovative, revolutionary, and unique, Yeprem’s timeless value emerges from a well-grounded history and expertise in jewellery craftsmanship. Every YEPREM collection tells a story, with every creation serving as a woman’s lifetime companion, evoking her vibrancy and sensuality both at once, radiating classic elegance with a hint of modern magnificence. Confident yet audacious, YEPREM relies on luxurious, artistically intelligent creations revealing and accentuating every curve of the woman’s figure as a work of art.

Y-Not Necklace by Yeprem in 18K White Gold in Diamonds ($74,000). Y-Not Bracelet by Yeprem in 18K White Gold in Diamonds ($15,200). Y-Namic Necklace by Yeprem in 18K White Gold with Diamonds ($33,000)

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