Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation is one of the leading medical centers in Dubai offering a wide range of “medical facials” to improve the look and feel of patient’s skin. These facials use the latest technology and advancements in skin science to deliver results. Its Medical Spa department offers the widest range of non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic solutions including various skin tightening, rejuvenating and purifying solutions like mesotherapy.

Dubai is taking a great leap forward in keeping patients abreast and ahead of international medical trends. The Cocoona centre specializes in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, dental, orthopedic, medspa treatments, weight loss and dietary services. Given they’ve got over 10 years of experience and have some seriously high-tech machines that are operated by highly trained and certified therapists. Cocoona’s specialist Sally Salem told us more about this popular beauty treatment microneedling using Dermapen.

Both invasive mesotherapy and Dermapen skin needling are in-office treatments involving tiny little needles but they’re not the same thing. While mesotherapy injects, micro-needling merely makes little wounds. But, both therapies can be extremely effective in treating several skin conditions. “Mesotherapy combines a bespoke cocktail of powerful vitamins, which are injected into the lower layers of the skin using a meso device with one needle, whereas microneedling gently moves multiple microscopic needles over the face to cause miniscule puncture marks, activating the production of collagen and elastin,” Sally Tarek explains.

Mesotherapy involves painless micro- injections of vitamins, minerals and amino acids placed just under the surface of your skin. At Cocoona, specialists use this treatment for a wide range of skin, body and hair conditions as the results are immense. Dermapen microneedling is a facial treatment designed to treat acne scars, fine lines & wrinkles along with other skin problems that reflect aging. Micro needling has gained popularity for facial treatments. It is less invasive than traditional methods, making it more favorable for the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth.

Dermapen therapy triggers the body’s healing cascade to take advantage of natural processes to create tighter, plumper, refreshed skin. The Dermapen’s action also creates channels that are capable of delivering nutrients and nourishment deep inside the skin. Through the provision of active ingredients, new growth is facilitated. This means structural repairs are made to the skin, cell regeneration capacity is strengthened, and collagen production is increased.

According to a 2009 study, almost 100 percent of microneedling participants reported a noticeable difference and vast improvement in the appearance of their acne scars after a treatment

But yes, there are needles involved and the goal is (very mild) trauma, so it doesn’t come without its discomforts. You’ll be red on the day of the treatment, it’s like a sunburn effect, quite tight and dry. The whole treatment took about 30 minutes. First, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, and then a thick layer of hyaluronic acid gel will be applied to your skin. Then Dermapen starts work. At first, it just felt like some tiny pricks on skin. And it could be described more like discomfort than pain. Forehead, hairline, and jawline areas are more sensitive than other areas. You will barely feel the tool when it passes over your cheeks, even with the deepest level of microneedles.

Once the treatment is done, your skin felt really warm and a bit prickly and patient could feel the dryness and tightness. Therefore patient has to follow some very simple instructions post-treatment: don’t  wash his/her face or apply any products until the next morning. It is also not allowed to exercise for about a day. Doctors warn that patient could experience some light crusting for a few days post-treatment, but I never felt anything other than a little dry. The great thing about this treatment is there’s really no significant downtime. Afterward, there’s a little bit of redness and might be some areas of pinpoint bleeding, but really, it’s a no-downtime kind of treatment, so most people leave here a little bit red. A couple of hours later, you’re pretty much back to normal, and the next day, you can resume your normal skincare and normal activities. So its short-term discomfort for long-term end result.

Dermapen Therapy can be used to treat visible aging and is applied to assist in fading stretch marks and certain types of scars. Treatment is not limited to the facial area. It can be used elsewhere on the body including the tummy, thighs, upper arms, and more.

Location: Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation at various locations – JLT, Mirdif, Al Wasl. Contacts: 04 388 4589.

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