2,605 pieces of Cherry Blossom – Guerlain’s limited edition

Guerlain presents the annual limited edition of their Cherry Blossom perfume that celebrates springtime in Japan. Cherry Blossom 2022 is available from the start of February 2022 in a special bottle design, this time decorated with the help of French-based Japanese fine embroidery artist Kyoko Sugiura.

The original Cherry Blossom perfume was first launched in 1999. Its composition is based on the essence of cherry blossoms with notes of green tea and almonds. It was made by Guerlain’s 4th generation perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain, inspired by the “hanami” Japanese custom of celebrating spring.

The artist decorated the “Bee” bottle by hand with silver and black flowers that feature black beads. A black ribbon around the neck and a black label symbolize cherry blossoms that bloom at night. Elsewhere, five-needle sewn petals are found on the bottle, a number that represents the flower. Black pearls are subsequently embroidered with a needle to create the stamens, which are embellished with golden pearls. A ribbon rounds off the piece, which is sewn on tulle with a crocheted black thread.

Sugiuera called on a community of 18 Japanese embroiderers to bring the creations to life, opting for tones of white, black and gold to evoke moonlit cherry blossoms. The flowers are hand drawn and a bespoke punch tool was created to cut the petals from a leather-like material. The petals, along with tulle, black and gold beads of three differing sizes and black grosgrain ribbon with a satin underside are assembled by hand using haute couture embroidery techniques.

Guerlain’s Dames de Table affix the floral adornment to Pochet du Courval’s iconic bee bottle, with the black ribbon tied in a bow. The label, also applied by the Dames de Table, features pearlescent white cherry blossoms embossed on a black background, with the Guerlain brand name and logo in gold.

Launched this month, Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2022 is limited to just 2,605 pieces. The floral EdT (composed by Jean-Paul Guerlain in 1999) retails at €600. The 125ml flacon comes with a funnel and 20ml travel spray in a white leather case.


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