With its glamorous festivals, elegance and mild climate, Baden-Baden excels in everything it does. In its day, Baden-Baden was the place to be in Europe for the social elite. With the arrival of bath tourism, wealthy writers, composers and actors eagerly set off for new shores and many stayed forever

Baden was the town’s original name, which came from the German plural form of a bath. One focus in Baden-Baden – where else – is on the healing power that nature gives us: air, sun and of course, time and again, the thermal water. You drink it, you bathe in it, it releases its ingredients and minerals to you. The spa town’s 12 natural thermal springs well up from a depth of 2,000 metres, supplying thermal spas with 68°C hot spring water to pamper visitors from around the world. The water is also used for a wide range of treatments.

But a visit to Baden-Baden isn’t just all about a visit to the spa! There’s so much more to be discovered in Baden-Baden. From wandering around the historic Old Town, hitting the shops, or getting into nature, there’s lots to do in Baden-Baden. In 1804, tales of these restorative waters reached the ear of Queen Louise of Prussia, who visited Baden-Baden to seek a cure for an ailment. Her royal presence boosted the town’s profile almost immediately. The government funded development projects aimed at making Baden-Baden a resort destination with rejuvenative powers. It worked. The town soon became the must-see destination for world leaders such as Queen Victoria and Kaiser Wilhelm; musicians Johannes Brahms and Hector Berlioz; and writers Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, and Nikolai Gogol. Baden-Baden boomed. Up went luxury hotels, the casino, the theater, several churches, and the showpiece Trinkhalle (“pump room”) — all in just 30-40 years.

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If you want the ultimate in Baden Baden Luxury Hotels, look no further the modern Roomers Baden-Baden – Autograph Collection, is both a lively lifestyle hotel and a relaxing getaway at the same time. Designed by the renowned Piero Lissoni, it is the place to be for both, international guests and Black Forest locals. 130 design rooms and suites that are bathed in light and alternate between simple elegance and astonishing interior highlights.

The pan-Asian cuisine of the restaurant moriki treats you to culinary delights, while the bar culture invites you to try exciting mixologies. With spa, gym and a rooftop pool for activity and wellness in the black forest.

Funicular to Merkur Mountain

The Merkur Mountain offers some of the most spectacular views over Baden-Baden and the surrounding area. The mountain is 668 metres above sea level and can be reached either by hiking up or taking the funicular. The Merkur Mountain funicular is Europe’s steepest funicular railway, but in just a matter of minutes you will have reached the peak.

At the top of the Merkur mountain, there is a restaurant, as well as a picnic and Barbeque area. There are several hiking trails which you can take from the top of the peak and also a playground for children. Another way to experience Merkur mountain is by paragliding! Book onto a tandem flight and get a great view of the town as you float down the mountain.

Culinary Baden-Baden

Exclusive atmosphere meets high-quality and varied offer of restaurants. Modern and stylish, sometimes sophisticated, star and gourmet restaurants, fine international restaurants, baden wine taverns and traditional taverns invite you to extraordinary delights. And as soon as the sun rises higher, the restaurants in the avenues, squares and alleyways open their dreamlike terraces. For culinary enjoyment then comes the atmospheric Baden-Baden.


Boundless creativity and finesse of a refreshing Japanese fusion cuisine in a casual ambience: the moriki, integrated in the Hotel Roomers, follows successfully in the footsteps of the restaurant of the same name in Frankfurt. Berlin-based creative chef The Duc Ngo reinterprets modern pan-Asian crossover cuisine, which also symbolizes the closeness to nature. The name moriki is derived from Japanese and stands for the forest (mori) and the life energy (ki). Accordingly, high-quality and unadulterated ingredients are used that combine pleasure and health in the sense of a conscious diet.


Nestled in the architectural heart of the city, the Kurhaus Baden-Baden, the restaurant has always impressed its international guests. The Kurhaus Gastronomie is making a new start with Hectors. With a large sun terrace, a modern interior design and a new gastronomic concept, our restaurant is a popular meeting place for all those who appreciate hospitality and good food.

Take a Carriage Ride

Care to tour around town with a twist? What could be more lovely than strolling Baden-Baden on a horse-drawn carriage under the Baden-Baden sun? Immerse yourself in nature and go for a walk at the Lichtentaler Allee park. What was once a narrow field and pasture has become a world-famous historical park and botanical garden. The park is excellent for those who want to hang out with family and friends or even those who want to go solo for some peace of mind. There are exclusive tours offering guests to ride horse carriages to roam around town. So relax as you take a seat and explore around town with this not-so-modern mode of transport.

Lichtentaler Allee park is also home to the fascinating Frieder Burda Museum, which has one of the world’s best collections of modern art on display. Other notable institutions are the Baden-Baden Museum, Fabergé Museum and Baden-Baden State Art Gallery as well as the theatre and philharmonic orchestra. The famous horse races at the Iffezheim racecourse have been attracting spectators from all over the world since 1858. The beautiful Old Town is perfect for a leisurely shopping trip, while numerous award-winning restaurants serve refined cuisine. Wine lovers will also appreciate the nearby wine region with its cosy and often exquisite guest houses.

Casino Kurhaus

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky (1821–1881), who is considered to be one of the most important Russian writers and one of the most outstanding psychologists in world literature. The Gambler, one of his best-known novels, is also somewhat biographical in nature. International star and style icon Marlene Dietrich christened Baden-Baden’s central and exclusive social hot spot in the elegant Kurhaus ‘the world’s best casino’ and then, in her very own direct way, added: ‘I should know, as I’ve seen them all …’

Emperors and kings, including the Shah of Persia and the Windsors, famous literary figures and composers, and unforgettable film stars, including Hollywood legends Kirk Douglas and Curd Jürgens, have dined, gambled and enjoyed themselves in this unique atmosphere, giving the town its unique social lustre, the magic of which still exists to this day. Like many of their illustrious guests, the world-renowned spa town of Baden-Baden and its glamorous casino have become legends.

To this day, Germany’s oldest casino is still one of the most popular destinations in Europe, a hot spot for the world’s high society and all of those who would like to be a part of it for a few unforgettable moments. The gambling options are both diverse and exotic, with roulette, blackjack, poker and punto banco awaiting you in the shimmering belle époque environment of the large gambling hall. However, if you prefer to gamble in a more intimate, almost private setting, then switch to the new Club Bernstein, where you can also play poker and roulette.

Situated next to the Kurhaus, the Trinkhalle is undoubtedly one of the most impressive architectures in Baden-Baden. It has magnificent murals and stone pillars along a 90-meter long hallway. Its majestic Corinthian pillars will mentally take guests back in time during the Roman Empire.

Spa Bathing Culture

Have you ever experienced doing a tour at a spa? Here at the Friedrichsbad Spa, you’ll discover a 140-year old bathing tradition, where you can do both. Also opened in 1877, located just a few meters away from the Caracalla Spa, the Friedrichsbad Spa boasts a Renaissance-style building and has been one of Baden-Baden’s major landmarks.

The special spa tour has a total of 17 stations, including warm air baths, body scrubs, thermal steam baths, thermal baths, cold water baths, and multiple showers in between. Like most German spas, Freidrichsbad is a “textile-free” spa where clothes are not permitted during the bathing tour. You might want to reconsider this if you’re a conservative person.

Did you know that thermal baths are known to have healing properties? This has been around for centuries. In fact, in Baden-Baden alone, the Romans discovered these hot springs and built spas 2,000 years ago, which is why the town is known as a wellness and pleasure travel destination. One of the famous modern spas the town established is the Caracalla Spa Thermal Bath. The Caracalla Spa offers indoor and outdoor pools and saunas, hot and cold grottoes, sunbathing areas, and a wide range of massages and treatments. Pool temperatures range from 18-38 degrees for guests to enjoy. Guests can witness fog rising through the pools during the winter season—a very unique experience for sure.

The city so nice, they named it twice… Baden-Baden, Germany, a spa town in a little valley of the Black Forest, east of the Rhine.

Baden-Baden offers a mix of everything and can be enjoyed by every type of person of all ages. Do you enjoy art and music? Head into the town’s museums and theatres. Do you prefer a more chill vibe soaked in nature? Visit the town’s nearby parks. If you’re feeling a bit bolder, then go hiking at trail parks. Or if you need a pamper session, do so at the town’s famous spas. This does prove that Baden-Baden has so much to offer other than being a spa town.


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