Al Yowlah is an installation by Kart Group inspired by local culture and its important values. This immersive outdoor installation is an artistic expression representative of the vibrant combination of people inherent in the rich cultural heritage of the UAE.

The founder and general manager of the “Kart Group”, Mustafa Khamash, said that the Emirate of Dubai has established a envious position as the best place for creative designs, to become a global icon that embodies beauty and quality in all sectors.

Kart Group aims to capture the spirit and beauty of the cultural belonging deeply ingrained in every Emirati’s heart. The piece is composed of eight metal panels that form a silhouette of Al Yowlah performers. The intricate panels capture the stick’s movements and highlight its gradual change of position, a central element of the traditional Emirati dance, which is performed at special events, celebrations and festivals.

On the occasion of launching his company’s innovative design, Al Yowlah, at Dubai Design Week 2022, the largest creative festival in the region, Khamash said that Dubai has managed to become a major destination that attracts most Arab and foreign designers in recent years, amid the momentum of opportunities available in the market.

He pointed to the strong competition in the design market in the Emirate of Dubai, which is a preferred regional center for launching businesses, noting that Dubai hosts more than 200 nationalities from all over the world, and is witnessing strong competition with Singapore, London and New York. He said that the challenge is still exciting and motivating until the designer develops in this dynamic environment, in which everyone develop their styles and methods. Competition in the emirate is not only local but regional and global. He stressed that there is strong competition between international and local companies for a large share of the Dubai design market.

Khamash stated that Dubai is a hub where cultures mix, and has a lot to offer to the world in terms of its unique design identity. The design and visual arts sector, he said, constitutes an important part of the creative sector that Dubai is committed to enabling and providing ideal platforms for prosperity, that is in line with one of the priorities of its strategy of enabling participation. By integrating art and creativity within the rare environment, design creativity contributes to strengthening the emirate’s position as a global center for culture, an incubator for creativity and a forum for talent.

“The eighth edition of Dubai Design Week reinforces Dubai’s position as a platform that supports the design sector growth in the region, and contributes to exploring innovation and designs that have a positive impact in the future,” Khamash said.

He stated that the new creative design ‘Al Yowlah’ is a new innovative artwork that fulfill the passion of art and culture lovers, and contributes to enhancing the creative stage in the United Arab Emirates. The culture of eight metal plates that form the silhouette of the Yola artists, accurately capture the movement of the stick, which highlights the gradual change in stick position based on the actual dance.

Khamash added that this amazing work of art effortlessly highlights artistic and cultural ambiguity, and presents a timeless look with good division and extreme craftsmanship, with the highest standards of quality, and focus on details, noting that popular arts remain the source of culture and originality that nourishes the national and societal awareness of the individual, the groups, and the nation. The UAE’s ancient heritage is opulent with many forms and images that are passed down from generation to generation, and passed down from the fathers to the ancestors with care and pride.

Two years ago, “Kart Group” unveiled the innovative design titled “The Leader”, an interactive 3D artwork based on displaying an image of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, by using shade and its degrees, where the innovative installation work uses a set of pieces arranged according to specific layers, making those who approach the work and through light and shadows see a picture of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, raising his hand with his distinctive triple sign: “Win, Victory, and Love”. Embodying an inspiring driving journey, the work also enhances selected words of His Highness engraved on the outer edges of the sculpture.

“Al Yowlah is an installation by Kart Group inspired by local culture and its important values. This immersive outdoor installation is an artistic expression representative of the vibrant combination of people inherent in the rich cultural heritage of the UAE. Al Yola is a folk art of Emirati origin, and represents a type of the authentic life of the Bedouins”, commenting on the art exhibition Egor Sharay, Cultural analyst, Cultural analyst, Creative consultant, Dubai Culture Golden Visa honored possessor, popular journalist and editor said.


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