True art has the power to open up new perspectives, to transform things that we think we already know into original experiences that excite us and resonate deep in our souls as if they were happening for the first time.

Acqua di Parma has been synonymous with the art of perfume for more than one hundred years, representing the artisanal process of selecting the finest ingredients and distilling them with masterly skill. The passion for creating olfactory compositions that vibrate with emotion and convey something unique. Like Colonia, the historic maison’s masterpiece. A timeless, lively and modern fragrance that emits a bright and authentic vision of Italian style. The “Frutti d‘Oro” – golden fruits – so carefully captured in the fragrance, call to mind sun-kissed landscapes, the light given off by a smile, by a gesture, by that ethereal and natural unmistakably Italian elegance. All the Acqua di Parma fragrances, even the most unusual scents, embody the traditional heart of Colonia and its innate compositional balance.

And so, Signatures of the Sun was born. The sublime expression of an art of perfume whose expressive shades are born from light and discovery. The ingredients, selected from all over the world for the preciousness they encapsulate, represent the leitmotif running through the new collection. Each one is distilled by Acqua di Parma until the purest essence is obtained; each one is the protagonist of a fragrance that reveals itself to be nothing less than an olfactory epiphany. Acqua di Parma filters each ingredient through the sensory prism of Colonia, bringing light to it and gifting the Sun to each new fragrance. Signatures of the Sun is like breathing a familiar ingredient for the very first time.

The packaging enclosing Signatures of the Sun is the ultimate expression of the codes and values of Acqua di Parma, visually seductive and exciting. The unmistakable cylinder-shaped box in black is elegantly enlivened by a black label with an embossed golden logo. Inside, the instantly recognisable Art Deco bottle that has always distinguished Colonia is a pleasure to see. It comes in clear glass for the freshest and most vibrant fragrances and in black for the most intense and assertive ones. And for the label, brilliant gold on a black background.

A very small, yet heavily scented flower. The small corollas of osmanthus are less than a centimetre in size and blossom for a single day in the luxuriant forests of south-east Asia. In that brief moment, the silvery-white to orange-red petals give off a very strong, heady perfume. In China, the osmanthus is called “flower of happiness” and is given by the bride to her new family as a wish for prosperity and welcome. According to an ancient eastern legend, the seeds of this evergreen shrub were thrown on to the earth from the lunar paradise at the wish of a god, who decided to bring well-being and harmony among human beings.

Acqua di Parma distils the purest and most valuable essence of the osmanthus and enhances it into a fragrance that brings out in it a new radiant elegance. The prelude mixes the fresh, sparkling scents of green mandarin with the delicate, flowering accents of neroli. Already at the outset of the heart of this surprising Eau de Parfum the warm, voluptuous scent of osmanthus can begin to be noticed, which then merges with the sensuality of the peony and the animal scents of ambrette. Finally, the osmanthus is revealed with all its potency in the base of the fragrance, enriched with the enveloping, aromatic scents of patchouli.

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