Filorga Launches Flash-Nude Collection. Healthy skin, Gym skin and Glass skin have become the new beauty statements of modern-day women; naturally perfect skin is indeed the Holy Grail of beauty. Because the quest for perfect skin is a beauty concern for all women. Because nude is now a whole new style and the desire for a bare-skin look is the latest obsession in youthfulness. Laboratories Filorga are revolutionising current make-up routines with a new range of hybrid products, Flash-Nude skincare.

Following the success of Time-Flash, the double speed smoothing primer launched in January 2018, Filorga is back with a range of 3 quick and easy-to-use products to fulfil women’s expectations for immediate and lasting perfection. The perfect fusion of Filorga’s expertise in aesthetic treatments, cutting edge skincare technology and fast make-up application techniques.


  • Blurring Mattifying Primer
  • Combination to oily skin

Dilated pores, excess sebum, and imperfections are all factors that damage the complexion of combination to oily skin, and do so from the age of 20! Pore-Express is a double-timing solution to immediately and lastingly restore clean skin and pure complexion.

Immediately: Instant pore smoothing effect and matte skin with the Mat & Blur technology.

In the long term: Lasting multi-correction for skin flaws [astringent bio ferment + botanical sebum-regulating active ingredients + regulating niacinamide + collagen booster]

  • TIME-FLASH (AED 220)
  • Photoshop-Effect Wrinkle-Free
  • All skin types

Wrinkles are the main concern of today’s women who want high definition skin. To minimise wrinkles in record time, Filorga have developed skincare with double timing which combines the immediate effectiveness of blur products and the treatment action of long-term skincare formulas.

Immediately: Instant wrinkle and micro-relief smoothing effect with the unique Lift & Blur technology for double action.

In the long term: Lasting multi-correction for all types of wrinkles [relaxing hexapeptide + collagen booster + peel-like active ingredient + hyaluronic acid]


  • FLASH-NUDE [Fluid] (AED 260)
  • Exceptional Tinted Fluid
  • All Skin Types / 3 Shades

Say goodbye to dark spots, redness, a dull complexion…Filorga took inspiration from its medical expertise to launch Flash-Nude [Fluid], a multi-action foundation that combines cutting-edge ingredients and an intelligent texture to instantly erase all flaws.

Immediately: A perfect nude-effect complexion with the unique Adjustable-Cover technology containing “skin-fusion” micro-pigments in an ultra-fluid galenic formula that literally melts into the skin. It allows customisable coverage: a translucent finish if the texture is stretched and more intense when applied in a thick layer. All without any mask effect. The flawless nude-finish is finally accessible to everyone!

In the long term: Lasting multi-correction of the complexion including smoothing, radiance and evenness [hyaluronic acid+ radiance-revealing botanical active ingredient=hexylresorcinol+ anti-glycan peptide].

The Flash-Nude [Fluid] contains UVA/UVB filters for high protection SPF30 as well as niacinamide which protects against pollution and fine particles by increasing the lifespan of exposed cells and by strengthening the skin barrier. It’s more than just a foundation, it is also a daily urban skin-guard.


  • FLASH-NUDE [Powder] (AED 260)
  • HD Finish Universal Powder
  • All skin types / All skin tones / Universal shade

Smoothing features and evening out the complexion while taking care of the skin is good. But Filorga goes even further by creating the new must-have for all toiletry bags and handbags: Flash-Nude [Powder]. For the first time, a powder combines the best make-up techniques with star skincare ingredients to set make-up, control shine and perfect the skin, everywhere, all the time.

Immediately: Naturally perfect skin using the Perfect & Blur technology combining perfecting micro-silica, which instantly blurs away unevenness, mattifies the skin and unifies the complexion, with highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid for an anti-dryness finish. No tightness, no frozen features, only the beauty of enhanced skin.

In the long term: Lasting multi-correction for skin texture, evenness and radiance thanks to an ultra-regenerating marine exopolysaccharide.

A botanical complex [Sunflower + Tara Tannins] with antioxidant power equivalent to vitamin C, protects mitochondria by reducing the effects of free radicals induced by infrared, IR and blue light. Moringa seed proteins act as a protective film to limit the adhesion of pollution particles. An effective shield against everyday external aggression!

Filorga products are available for purchase at leading pharmacies including Bin Sina Pharmacies, Boots Pharmacies, Supercare Pharmacies, Planet Pharmacies, Health First Pharmacies and Community Pharmacies.

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