There are some of the most beautiful destinations that serve the finest halal delicacies you might want to consider when you are choosing your flights. Find yourself enjoying quality and standard halal dishes served in excellent restaurants across the world. All flight and prices mentioned in this article are estimates of the cheapest prices based on Skyscanner’s flight and hotel search tools. These are subject to change and were correct at time of publication in February 2019.


Singapore is one of the most exciting food destinations and caters to a wide range of tastes, including halal dishes. Top options for Muslim travelers looking for the finest halal eateries in Singapore includes Tang Tea House, Zam Zam, Hei Sushi, Andes by Astons and Maki-San. Eat your fill of halal dim sum dishes during your stay in Singapore. Your hotel will be able to advise you of the closest and best local options when you arrive.

Halal hotel resorts in Singapore include: 

Direct Flights from the UAE from AED 1,955

Hong Kong

Look for authentic local halal food on your next visit to Hong Kong. An amazing city, full of color, life and attractions, you’ll also find impressive dishes at every turn. Visit the Islamic Centre Canteen where you can feast on dim sum, steamed glutinous rice with chicken in lotus leaf and other delicacies. Beyond that, look for restaurants halal certified by the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong. The Muslim owned Wai Kee food stand at the Cooked Food Centre serves the best duck rice in Hong Kong and everything is halal. There’s an abundance of great options for hotels in Hong Kong. The Habour Grand Hong Kong is halal certified. Kowloon Shrangi-La is a Cresent Rated hotel with a halal friendly menu.

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The Maldives islands are an idyllic location for tropical beaches and majestic ocean scenery. Long considered a top destination for Muslim travelers, the official religion is Islam and the resorts will have halal restaurants. Maldives food often revolves around local fish and tuna is a common ingredient. Maldivian food does not contain pork or alcohol and is prepared under strict conditions.

Top halal food resorts in the Maldives include:

Flights from the UAE from AED 1,032

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a rich food culture with many vegetarian and fish curry dishes that are distinctive and delicious. The restaurants include a mix of traditional and modern cooking with a wide selection of fresh ingredients and spices. For the best in halal street food, head to Galle Face Green in the evening as local stalls pop up as the sun goes down.

Places to stay: 

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A favorite of Muslim holiday-makers, finding halal food in Morocco is never a problem. The country has many long-established resorts with a reputation for fine dining and high standards of hospitality. The best halal restaurants in Marrakesh are Dar Najat’s Kitchen, Restaurant/Riad Omar, 16 café, Henna Café, Al-Fassia, Azar, Marrakech Korner and the food stalls in Djemaa El-Fna.

Top Morocco halal food resorts and accommodations include:

Flights from the UAE from AED 1,414


Visit Jordan for some of the best halal food in the world, in popular tourist locations like Aqaba, Amman and Petra. Amman in particular has a strong reputation for its cuisine.
Top restaurants for halal food in Jordan include 2 Najla where Nivin Karam uses her grandmother’s recipes to prepare outstanding Jordanian cuisine, offering one or two main dishes for lunch each day and an assortment of dips and small plates to start. Try the musakhan with chicken, sumac and onions.

Some halal food resorts and hotels in Jordan:

Direct flights from the UAE from AED 1,065


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