Pomellato is passionate about marrying innovative contemporary design with skills passed down over generations. On quest to bring movement to its Sabbia rings, the Milanese jeweller has created a very modern way to inject a frisson fun into this iconic design inspired by the C18th ‘en tremblant’ setting. The old French term ‘en tremblant’, which means trembling, refers to the technique developed in the jewellery ateliers of C18th Paris. Looking to add liveliness and different heights to jewels, the ingenious craftsmen mounted parts of large diamond jewels such as brooches and hair ornaments on tightly coiled wires that like springs, quivered and bounced with the slightest twitch of the body.

Pomellato has re-engineered the ‘en tremblant’ technique in a surprising new way for a totally on-trend make over with a fashionably Italian twist. The direction is in keeping with the house’s design codes that include movement as a key feature. From the playful King, Queen and Orsetto pendants with articulated limbs that move like puppets, to flexible meshes and smooth chains, the house has long explored ways to bring dynamism and life to jewellery.

The new Sabbia between and across the finger rings introduced in 2020 are the first to be refreshed with a vivacious new spirit. Thanks to hidden mobile joints, the discs gently spin and tip on the hand like a flower swaying in the breeze. As the discs come to life, thousands of diamond facets send out a dazzling shower of refracted light.

This natural and organic effect is emphasised by the apparently spontaneous variety in the shape, size andcolour of each disc, as charmingly diverse as nature itself. As if casually dusted with sand, the discs are set with a seemingly random pattern of white, brown and black diamonds. The discs are clustered like petals that hover over the finger on open shanks covering two or four fingers. With meticulous attention to detail, the shanks are shaped like a stylised plant stem that grows between the fingers. On the larger, double rings grey Tahitian pearls add a soft glow to the brilliance of diamonds. Like the discs, the pearls are also mobile and their lustre is accentuated as they move on the hand bathing the nacre in ever changing light.

Sensitively echoing the beauty of nature, the new Sabbia rings are a fusion of rigorous design and exquisite craftsmanship created in the most precious of nature’s materials. Always seeking effortless elegance, the mechanism that creates this movement is totally invisible and encased in a curved gold cup that nestles under each disc or pearl. The ease of wearing the new Sabbia rings belies the precision of the master goldsmiths and gem-setters that made each jewel by hand in the Milan atelier. As with all Pomellato’s jewels, every surface is soft to the touch and a pleasure to wear on the body. From chains to bracelets or rings, each and every one of Pomellato’s jewels caresses the skin thanks to sophisticated articulations, fluid lines and meticulous finishes.

Pomellato once again creates strikingly original and bold jewels that translate its rich heritage of craftsmanship into exciting and contemporary new designs. Working towards a more eco-conscious future, Pomellato has now achieved 100% responsible gold purchasing. Established in Milan in 1967, Pomellato was the first brand to introduce the prêt-à-porter vision into the world of jewelry. Crafted by the hands of expert goldsmiths, Pomellato stands out for its unique design and colorful gems which through innovative stone cutting and setting techniques have come to define an unmistakable and iconic style. Pomellato is part of Kering, a global Luxury group, managing the development of a series of renowned Houses in Fashion, Leather Goods, Jewelry, and Watches.

Pomellato has increased Fairmined gold purchases as well to create a special collection and continues to invest in the traceability of colored stones and diamonds while exploring new materials and recycling solutions. Meanwhile, it collaborates with a Milan-based goldsmith school to safeguard consistency and craftsmanship. Through initiatives and advocacy, Pomellato continues to reinforce the importance of sustainability, an Earth-conscious community, female education and career growth, and a global well-being that promotes a healthier work-life balance.

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