K-Konsept was launched with its first collection of unisex WHITE shirts on February 2022. A twist to what we are used to. Empowering the color white. Giving the smallest details the loudest voice. K-Konsept is a new concept brand of a semi-oversized apparels all under the color WHITE, tailored with highest care and finest fabrics, and designed with a twist to classical elements. K-Konsept is a new concept brand created by four young friends who aimed at giving the basic white apparel a twist in fashion. Designed by the Istanbul Moda Academy Graduate designer Nali Barzani and conceptualized by Khaled Mohamad Ali, better known as the social media influencer Khaledjali.

Designer, entrepreneur, influencer? Khaled, Why don’t you introduce yourself?

Khaled Ali or Khaledjali on instagram, you can call me in anyway. Usually I don’t like to title myself but yes I can say am influencer with multi tasks. Beirut and Turkey share very common traits in the vision of the fashion. Beirut is a little more into couture brand while Turkey is more into mass production. After spending time here, I met my friend the Designer Nali Barzani, and we decided to collaborate together on a mixture of customized commercial selling brand.

Why did you start K-Koncept?

I have always been interested in clothing. Looking sharp and dressing up well has always been a priority. I had always wanted to have a line of fashion and I was able to complete it in Istanbul.

Tell us more about #comeplaywithme

Designers. I have always underestimated the effect of designers, until I worked with Nali, and I was shocked by how they can show to the world the unseen.

What do you think our customers like about K-Koncept?

We started with the King shirt, arising from the K Koncept idea. That was the first piece we had.

What qualities or features most excite you in a garment?

When Nali started designing this brand, he realized the hardest thing in the fashion industry is to create something new, something that has not been seen before. The hardest part of creating a fashion piece is getting an idea, once the idea is there, it gets along easily.

What were the biggest challenges you faced during the process of arriving where you are today?

Delicacy, cut, and creativity. My three prioneers.

Where is the best place where our readers can see and shop your ultimate creations?

Emotions, always.

Being in your position you must see trends before they even reach manufacturers – what do you see being the next big thing for the industry?

K-Koncept is new born brand, but holds so many upcoming plans and goals. It is all based on a fun concept, of white apparel, high-end quality. The idea is to show simplicity with sophistication and a twist of fun.

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