In a world where the mobile phone has replaced the camera, diary, calculator, media player and a myriad of other devices, car owners want a vehicle designed to make every day a little easier. With its effortless maneuverability in the city, high fuel efficiency and secure handling on the open road, it’s easy to see how EcoSport, Ford’s stylish compact urban SUV, travels seamlessly from weekday commutes, to nights on the town, to weekend fun.

On the road in the urban jungle

You’re up before sunrise and ready to take on the day. And the energetic EcoSport will be right there with you. Its powerful 1.5-litre EcoBoost 120 PS petrol engine not only provides exceptional power, it’s also highly fuel-efficient and environmentally responsible with low carbon emissions.

And after you’ve arrived downtown, crowded streets and tight parking spaces are no problem for EcoSport, with its easy maneuverability and agile handling. Lots of special features make urban driving safer and more convenient, like automatic headlights, rain-sensing wipers and rear parking distance sensors.

Nights out on the town

Your personal style is clear. It’s in the way you tackle new work projects with energy and confidence. It’s in your clothes, favorite restaurants and activities – and the car you drive. With EcoSport, you can take your unique style on the road and personalize it from roof to wheel, inside and out.

Showing your true colours is easy. Express your fun-loving spirit with a hue like Lightning Blue, or show your sporty style with Race Red. Canyon Ridge is perfect for the young at heart, Moondust Silver is the right choice if quiet elegance is more your style.

To go from day to night with ease, there are over 20 compartments that offer plenty of space to stash your stuff. Extra coffee cups, shoes, glasses and gear? No problem. A “cool box” even keeps your snacks chilled. And the media bin makes it easy to stay connected with friends while on-the-go, with two illuminated USB ports for easy smartphone charging and storage.

Weekend road warrior

The weekend is here, and EcoSport is ready to explore. Offering the rugged versatility of an SUV, plan your next trip knowing that your on-road travel companion is not only fun to drive, but also safe and reliable.

Roof rails and interior cargo tie-down hooks let you load up extra luggage and gear for mountain biking, surfing or trying something new. And accessories such as organizers and protectors let you conveniently pack your cargo while shielding the interior from scratches, mud and sand (all great “souvenirs” to remember your adventure!).

Helpful driver-assist technologies (DATs) give you extra peace of mind when tackling rough terrain or bad weather. Hill launch assist temporarily prevents you from rolling backwards (or forwards) when making a hill start, especially helpful when driving bumper-to-bumper in the city and on steep hills. The system works by applying brake pressure for an extra 2.5 seconds, giving you more time to move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator.

For more support on challenging terrain, Roll Stability Control™ automatically detects wheel-slippage, while adjusting torque and braking to gain control and traction, which supports driving on all road surfaces, including gravel, rain and even ice and snow.

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