The KohiNur diamond is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world. It’s the sheer spectacle and rarity of this precious gem stone that has inspired Begim maison to create two perfumes in it’s honour as part of the Begim’s Treasure Collection. Fragrances dedicated to antiquity of great history and culture, as philosophical message to the world from treasures of scented astral spirit.

Begim Treasure Collection includes “Bukhara Spirit” for him & for her, “Samarkand Spirit” for him & for her, “Ruby of Temur” for him and for her, “Silk Road” for him and for her and “KohiNur Diamond” for him and for her, which was released in 2017. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Hamid Merati-Kashani.

KohiNur Diamond For Her is an unexpected harmony of spices and resins. The freshness of the bergamot and the tang of the pink pepper are edged with the instantly recognizable dryness of saffron and the rich tones of benzoin and vanilla. As heavy and as rich as the base notes are it manages to simultaneously feel bright and alive as if it were the very sparkle of light reflecting from the many faces of the diamond.

“KohiNur is the ancient and the largest diamond in the world – 105 carats, means Mountain of Light in Persian. There are many legends about the origin and owners of the KohiNur, starting from the first Amazon Queen of the Massagetae, Tamiris (VII century B.C.). The owners of the diamond were also Tamerlan (XIVcentury A.D.) and his descendants, Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Shah Jahan( XVII century A.D.), and nowadays KohiNur shines in the crown of Elizabeth II (UK). According to the legend the diamond is the symbol of power, prosperity, wealth and success.

Perfume for confident, sparkling with beauty woman, who relishes each moment of her life and constantly searches for uniqueness and loveliness, in the meantime not losing a sense of reality. There is an unexpected harmony of sparkling energy and very fine delicacy in the perfume composition of KohiNur Diamond for woman. Upper notes opens with sparking bergamot, spicy pink pepper and sumptuous saffron. In its heart, the royal accord opens with the scent of a rose, incense, benzoin and precious oud. Warm and sensual base opens with the notes of vanilla, emphasized by the tones of sandalwood, ambergris and musk, strengthening the feminine aura of the fragrance.


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Begim Perfumes is an Uzbekistan perfumery brand that belongs to Begim LLC, which was established in 1990 as exclusive distributor of luxury and high brands of perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products. First collection of Begim brand own fragrances was made in 2015 by Gulchehra-begim Mahmudova, founder of the brand and an illustrious female entrepreneur in collaboration with Firmenich perfumers and produced in France.


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