Its Time to Feel Good. Green tourism in Germany

Germany has always been one of the leading travel destinations in Europe for travellers from the GCC. In recent years, the country has flourished as a tourist destination owing to its diverse offerings, stunning natural landscapes, little towns surrounded by nature, as well as a growing medical and wellness industry. In 2019, the central European country received almost 90 million overnight stays from international inbound travel.

In these current times, the search for improved health and wellness will be a powerful motivation for travellers, who will be seeking to boost their wellbeing and “feel-good” factor.  Throughout the pandemic, Germany has implemented the highest standards and regulations in order to keep travellers safe, whilst its Wellness industry is perfectly equipped to send tourists home feeling better, renewed and rejuvenated.

“Travel trends are changing rapidly and owing to the pandemic, people are less likely to travel for the reasons they used to. They are more inclined to travel for the betterment of their health or to simply ‘feel good’. In Germany, we have a special focus on wellness and health. We are very keen to welcome GCC travellers back to our country during Summer 2022.

A powerful history, rich culture and unspoiled nature best describe the true essence of Germany. It is a travellers’ paradise and home to ancient castles, historic towns, museums, galleries, famers’ markets and picturesque shopping streets. The country is also putting an emphasis on sustainability with national parks, walking trails, cycling paths and an excellent public transport system. Germany is well-connected to the GCC region by the German carrier, Lufthansa as well as the GCC airlines flying directly to the main German cities.

One of Germany’s biggest attractions is that it offers one of the most innovative, advanced, and professional healthcare systems in the world. From preventive care to rehabilitation or treatment for acute cases, Germany has an offering of over 2000 hospitals using the latest technologies, ensuring the highest quality and the best of well-trained medical staff.  GCC travellers have a long tradition of seeking health treatment in Germany, with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE being the largest source markets.

Owing to the strong relationship between the GCC and Germany, the healthcare infrastructure is well-equipped to accommodate the needs of the Gulf clientele, including Arabic speaking medical teams, Halal food in the hospitals, complemented by a range of facilities for accompanying families. Germany is also a shopping haven with promenades that are home to retail chains, international labels, and shopping malls; the tax refund makes it very attractive for the GCC travellers.

The country is very diverse and offers something for everyone.  Whether travelling with the whole family for health treatment or to simply unwind, relax and enjoy the stunning nature, Germany is the ideal destination for wellness and leisure.

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