Swiss high jewellery Maison Boghossian boasts a rich history spanning over 150 years of creativity and gemmological expertise. Based in Geneva and helmed by fifth- and sixth-generation jewellers, CEO Albert Boghossian and his nephews Roberto and Ralph and his daughter Dalia, the family-run Maison marries a fascinating, artistic heritage with innovative Swiss craftsmanship.

Boghossian was established in 1868 at the centre of the Silk Road. Over the generations, the family travelled from East to West, handing down an innate eye for exceptional gemstones and flair for craftsmanship. Today, the Maison pushes the boundaries of jewellery design to showcase
diamonds and gemstones in an audacious new light: whether through the Art of Inlay, its signature Kissing technique or the patented Merveilles style.

Boghossian opened its flagship store on Geneva’s Rue du Rhône in 2008, followed by a London boutique on Old Bond Street in 2013. Boghossian’s international expansion continued with retail spaces in London, New York, Hong Kong and Gstaad, catering to its discerning global clientele.
Creative director Edmond Chin, a visionary artist known for his avant-garde creations, works alongside the Boghossian family to push the artistic and technical boundaries of high jewellery design. Together, they mine the Maison’s rich history to create one-of-a-kind pieces that highlight the singular beauty of nature’s rarest gemstones.

Sought after by collectors and connoisseurs, Boghossian jewels have achieved world-record prices at auction. The Maison holds the records for the highest ever price-per-carat for a Burmese ruby, the most expensive coloured diamond bracelet ever auctioned, and the most valuable no-oil emerald necklace. These history-making pieces are a fitting way to continue the family’s remarkable legacy.

The Boghossian booth installation highlights the dialogue between cultures and the extraordinary beauty that has resulted from multicultural influences. Silk, being the most precious good traded on the Silk Road, will also be at the fulcrum of the Boghossian stand at Art Dubai.

Visitors will discover a modern cabinet of curiosities held solely by the tension of silk cords, beautifully displaying an array of unique and audacious jewels. Designed by the Danish Kufstudios, the silk cords intertwine with the richly lacquered furniture of Lebanese designer Nada Debs, yet again showcasing the remarkable beauty that can arise form cultural dialogue.

Latest creations presented at Art Dubai 2022

Drawing on generations of gemmological expertise, Boghossian enhances and elevates nature’s greatest treasures by setting them into distinctive designs that surprise and astonish.

Natural Pearl, Diamond and Nautilus Shell Necklace and Earrings

A baroque-shaped natural saltwater pearl is surrounded by a nautilus shell, hanging from a necklace composed of a series of natural pearls with nautilus shells, embellished with diamonds. A matching pair of earrings exhibits four natural saltwater pearls, nautilus shells and diamonds, held by two pear-shaped diamonds. 18 Karat white gold.

Burmese No Heat Sapphire and Moonstone Ring

The ring features one oval-shaped Burmese sapphire weighing 4,72 carats, with no identification of heat enhancement. The sapphire is beautifully surrounded by moonstones, pear-shaped sapphires and Pink small diamonds. Moonstones are remarkable gems known for their mesmerizing blue moonlight-like glow. 18 Karat white / rose gold.

Inlay Collection

The Collection is inspired by the ancient Eastern civilizations, yet displays an irreverence towards the established codes of fine jewellery. Gemstones are carved and set seamlessly into one another, requiring outstanding lapidary skills.

‘Shine’ Citrine Madera and Citrine Palmera Necklace and Earrings

Inlay Shine pairs faceted gems together as one, creating a splendid blend of light and colour. This technique reveals all the subtlety of the Art of Inlay. Stones that sublimate and sparkle. Pear-shaped Madeira citrines each inlaid into Palmera citrines, within a surround of diamonds. 18 Karat white gold.

Ceylon Sapphire inlaid into Chalcedony Bangle / Choker 

The bracelet exhibits a Ceylon sapphire inlaid into chalcedony with diamond motifs. Both the technique and the motifs of this bracelet are inspired by the eastern culture. The richness of the patterns, the vibrancy of the blue hues and the femininity that stand out this jewellery piece, recall the marble panels seen in the Taj Mahal, in the Isphahan Mosque or the Alhambra palace. A versatile piece that can be either worn as a bangle or as a chocker. 18 Karat white gold.


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