Andakulova Gallery, Dubai, the contemporary art gallery which cultivates an artistic dialogue between Central Asia and the Middle East, is proud to present the works of renowned Central Asian artists Bakhodir Jalal, Javlon Umarbekov and Andrey Krikis from 27th October 2020 until 31st January in its gallery spaces.

Bakhodir Jalal is a pioneering muralist painter. Hailing from Uzbekistan, he is known for the distinct style in which he creates his pieces. His monumental murals draw inspiration from disparate sources such as Renaissance art, European modern masters, Mexican muralists and frescoes of the ancient site of Afrasiab in Samarkand. He is an abstractionist: his art takes two forms, first as ‘abstract’ art, whose starting point is a recognisable image which is progressively abstracted to a necessary minimum and the ‘concrete’ form, which stems solely from the mind of the artist or the process of creation.

Abstraction for Jalal means freedom of choice – where he can use colour and the symbolic language of lines and fluid forms to enquire into the field. The principles of Jalal’s abstraction follow the path of the Malevitchian pursuit of a ‘non-objective’ painting. On another hand, his visual language is rooted locally within Central Asia and gets inspiration in a form of Oriental mysticism, some part of which casts the material world as illusory fiction.

Andakulova Gallery, Dubai, adds to the cultural synergy between Central Asia and the Middle East by positioning the art of Central Asia in the heritage hubs of Dubai and the UAE, as well as by building relationships between artists, writers, art professionals and collectors of both regions. The gallery promotes Central Asia’s visual arts by providing a platform for emerging to mid-market contemporary artists across a variety of media, with a special focus on Uzbekistan.

Andakulova Gallery. Location: Dubai, DIFC, Damac Park Towers, Unit 18/P4, +971 4 3859897.

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