Since its creation, Van Cleef & Arpels has ceaselessly celebrated the beauty of gardens and the rebirth of nature. The Frivole collection perpetuates this long line of poetic inspirations. This year, as of April 15, its delicate, graphic flowers will be blooming in six vivid new creations. A Between the Finger Ring, a bracelet and a necklace in yellow gold and diamonds display an original, sun-kissed aesthetic, while a mini-model pendant, bracelet and a pair of earrings fashioned in white gold and diamonds imbue the collection with the full freshness of spring.

Three of these new creations present two complementary styles, with flowers fashioned in mirror-polished yellow gold and pave-set diamonds alternating in radiant harmony. Like all pieces making up the Frivole collection, they seem to be designed specifically to catch light. The flowers’ subtle graphic style reflects light on every facet. Each corolla adorning the Between the Finger Ring is inclined at a different angle, its petals elevated and finely curved. A diamond flower sets off this delicate bouquet, accentuating the asymmetry of the creation in the emblematic tradition of Van Cleef & Arpels, while the heart-shaped petals lyrically portray nature in all its benevolence.

On miniature creations in white gold, a single flower pavé-set with diamonds lends sparkle to the wrist, neck and face. A shimmering golden thread embellishes the center of the petals and traces their contour, while accentuating the lustrous harmony of white gold and diamonds.

The openwork gold structure created by the jeweler enhances the gleam of each piece by allowing light to pass through the diamonds. The stones are selected by the Maison’s experts according to the strictest criteria (D to F for color and IF to VVS for clarity), thus sublimating the graphically styled corollas.

The mirror polish technique, a meticulous polishing technique applied to each petal, enhances the gleam of the precious metal for a particularly intense reflection. The broad golden prongs holding the diamond in the center of the corolla, evoking a delicate pistil, are thus reflected in the petals.

Transcending time and successive artistic currents, Van Cleef & Arpels has always interpreted the beauty and vivacity of nature with the poetic charm specific to the Maison. In its workshops, the Mains d’Or depict flora through an infinite palette of precious stones and exacting gold craftsmanship, as is the case for the Frivole collection. These pieces draw inspiration from creations dating back to the 1920s, characterized by delicate bouquets as well as the mirror polish technique.

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