Z Zegna’s Wash&Go

For this Spring, German’s world ranking tennis superstar, Alexander “Sascha” Zverev, alongside model Jin Dachuan, put the Techmerino™ Wash&Go wardrobe to the test. In a playful film, displaying a battle between man and machine, Zverev showcases the powerful capabilities of the Z Zegna Techmerino ™ Wash&Go collection. The youngest winner of the ATP Finals, and face of Z Zegna, relies on performance-capable material, with lightweight comfort and sustained flexibility.

Inspired by Zegna’s ongoing passion for the world of tennis, Zegna pairs this multifunctional Techmerino ™ Wash&Go wardrobe with new technologies, including suits, jackets, bombers, t-shirts, and pants, has fast-drying wool for comfort and performance. Fabrics are various, light and fresh: ultra-fine stretch nylon and maxi mesh play with transparency. Boasting inspiring seasonal bright colors, the Techmerino ™ Wash&Go collection redefines the limits of active wear, merging innovation and craft for its most sophisticated wardrobe to date.

Techmerino ™ Wash&Go is highly breathable, offering perfect thermo-regulation against both cold and heat, helping to keep the skin dry and the body temperature constant.  All Techmerino Wash&Go garments are made from natural high-performance fabric; a pure Merino wool treated with special finishing techniques. Simply wash it, hang it, and wear it—the coats, suits, and jackets can be placed in a special pouch, and washed in any domestic washing machine, using cold water and a delicate wash setting. The Techmerino™ Wash&Go campaign, including a 60s video and accompanying images, will be released from February 1s across zegna.com and its social channels worldwide.


  1. Hi there! Such a wonderful short article, thanks!

  2. Hi there! Such a wonderful article, thanks!

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