The PAD is the latest Pilates and Dance studio in Dubai, founded by Shaazia Qureishi and Abbas Kanchwala. The PAD has partnered with Yasmin Karachiwala to bring her famous and transformative fitness brand to the region, holding the exclusive rights to this brand in the market. Yasmin is known for her vast experience in the fitness industry for more than two decades and has earnt her status as the secret behind the toned bodies of famous Bollywood celebrities such as Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt. Nestled away in The Greens, the modern fitness studio will be led by highly trained fitness coaches and will offer a number of classes targeting the entire body such as Pilates, parents and kids dance classes, and post-natal movement sessions.

Group Pilates (prices start from AED 70 per class) These sessions are designed for individuals at entry level, as these will teach you the fundamentals of Pilates such as the correct form, alignment and learning the areas of your body that requires work. For Pilates, these group sessions are also the best way to strengthen your body before moving to the more advanced type, Equipment Pilates. In the group Pilates class, simple tools are used such as the magic circle, foam roller, step barrel and fletcher towel, to ensure your exercises stay exciting and different.

 Equipment Pilates (Prices start from AED 120 per class) These are advanced Pilates classes that you are eligible to join after you have completed 10 group Pilates sessions or three private sessions. Equipment Pilates will help make your body stronger and leaner – using ingenious Pilates equipment of the Reformer, Chair, Bodhi and Spine Corrector.

 Private & Semi-Private Pilates (Prices start from AED 210 per class) These private and semi-private sessions are designed to meet your specific fitness goals and it incorporates the full range of Pilates equipment such as Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, MOTR, Bodhi and Pedipul. From Pilates to functional training, The PAD’s certified trainers will plan the private sessions for you to ensure the continuous progress towards your goals. Also, if you enjoy working out with a partner and still want that personal attention you get in private sessions – the semi-private sessions are the way to go.

 Dance Classes and weekend workshops (Prices start from AED Prices start from AED 70 per class) If you’re not a fan of conventional cardio machines such as treadmills or cross trainers, The PAD’s dance classes are the exercises for you. The one-hour classes include Bollywood cardio, contemporary, jazz and Zumba – it starts with 10 minutes of warm up, followed by 40 minutes of a dance routine and finishing off with 10 minutes of cool down exercises to bring your heart rate back to normal. Also, The PAD offers weekend dance workshops for those wanting to learn full songs and dance choreography – these two hours classes are available on Friday and Saturday for all ages.

 PAD Pack (Prices start from AED 999 Per month) This package gives you access to all classes at The PAD for one month. So you can learn the Pilates fundamentals in the group sessions, strengthen your body with equipment Pilates three times a week and get your sweat on with the fun and diverse dance classes. Also, The PAD will be giving special discounts for couples that like to train together.

 Parents and Kids Classes (Prices start from AED 110 per class) Looking for the best way to bond with your children and encourage them to stay fit? The PAD’s weekend parents and kids dance classes are the ones for you – offering kids between the ages of 8-12 along with their parents, a mix of fun Pilates and dance classes to strengthen their core and ensure they grow up to be strong adults.

 Post Natal Movement Classes (Prices start from AED 110 per class) This class is designed for new mothers and their less than one-year-old babies – as it’s almost impossible for mothers to leave their newborn babies and find time for fitness. Thus, this class is the perfect to keep your baby entertained while you exercise.

 Sol Mi Do/Music Together (Prices start from AED 120 per class) This is an early childhood music and movement program for children ages between 1-5 along with their caretakers. This program helps children learn through fun and holistic classes – as it allows them to understand rhythm and develop language, emotional, social, motor skills and create a community for parents and children to thrive in.

The PAD Pilates and dance studio is located in The Greens, Onyx Tower 1, 906. 

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