Immerse yourself in the captivating and colourful artworks of Uzbekistan artistic master Timur Akhmedov at Andakulova Gallery’s two-month long residency for ME Dubai’s latest Cultural Connections showcase. Captivating display which will find its home in the hotel’s expansive and minimalist lobby starting Friday, 18th August until Sunday, 8th October.

ME Dubai, the iconic architectural haven designed by the late Zaha Hadid, returns with its new Cultural Connections initiative, this time in collaboration with Andakulova Gallery Dubai. As the hotel remains dedicated to supporting and spotlighting flourishing creative arts and design in the region, they embrace the arrival of Timur Akhmedov’s solo exhibition titled “ME tamorphosis of Colours”.

Born in Uzbekistan in 1968, Timur Akhmedov brings with him to ME Dubai over three decades of artistic mastery and profound perspective. His artworks, seemingly uncomplicated at first glance, are metaphorical works of art that each unfold into profound narratives and reveal his story.

Often centred around the embodiment of women and flowers, his art depicts the world and people in a surreal, and dream-like way, habitually representing himself and others as majestic characters. His paintings are left unnamed, giving the viewer the liberty to interpret each piece as they please. In each painting, he beautifully blends vibrant colours such as Asian turquoise, warm ochre, and different tones of red into cohesive oil canvases to create a strange sense of silence. These pieces exude an undeniable feeling of familiarity, as they elegantly capture and explore the intricacies of human emotions and experiences.

The two-month long residency at ME Dubai is supported by the Consulate General of Uzbekistan in Dubai in dedication to the nation who will be celebrating Uzbekistan’s 32nd Independence Anniversary, solidifying the cultural significance of this artistic partnership. The hotel’s awe-inspiring architecture will be harmoniously complemented by Timur’s artworks, seamlessly forming a visual synergy that is sure to captivate all guests. In addition to the paintings that will be hung on the lobby walls, the artworks will also be displayed on the hotel’s digital screen, further extending their immersive impact.

Guests, visitors, and art aficionados are invited to seek solace from the summer heat within the sanctuary of ME Dubai. They can explore the hotel’s creative space and indulge in a variety of eye-grabbing canvases from the “ME tamorphosis of Colours” exhibition.

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About Andakulova Gallery (Dubai)

Andakulova Gallery, Dubai, is an art gallery whose objective is to promote Central Asia’s contemporary visual arts. It serves as a platform to exhibit and support emerging to mid-market contemporary artists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan (or the ‘Stans’), across a variety of media. Founded by Natalya Andakulova, also among gallery goals is to cultivate a dialogue between Central Asia and the Middle East by re-introducing the art of the ‘Stans’ to the artistic hub of Dubai. The gallery does this by building academic and professional relationships between artists, writers, art specialists, and collectors.


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