In 2018, Lancôme reinvents its most luxurious range, Absolue. Through its exceptional active ingredient, transformative texture, and deep understanding of women, the line offers a new definition of French-style premium skincare. In the heart of the new range and Absolue Soft Cream lies an exclusive complex of active ingredients derived from the Rose: Grand Rose Extracts. To capture all the power of the Grand Rose Extracts, Lancôme Laboratories utilised extraction processes used in biotechnology to obtain active ingredients of high purity that are both more effective on the skin and more eco-friendly.

The Grand Rose Extracts are made with a complex of Roses, which, when combined, offer amplified regenerating action. First, the Lancôme Rose, present in the form of native cells, then Centifolia Rose and Rosa Damascena, transcribed into a Rose essential oil and Rose concentrate respectively within Absolue Soft Cream. Each Grand Rose Extract has its specific, targeted action on the skin. Obtained using Fermogenesis™, an avant-garde process used to allow cells to proliferate stress-free and to preserve them. As such the native cells of the Lancôme Rose can deliver their full regenerating, revitalising and illuminating properties for the skin.

The Rose concentrate is obtained using a high-purity biotechnological process, supercritical CO2, which transforms it from a gaseous state to a liquid state without residue. This technique leaves its anti-inflammatory virtues perfectly intact. Absolue is also incredibly rich in active molecules. Lancôme has selected an Essential oil, derived from a cold distillate, with the capacity to retain its revitalising, reparative and anti-inflammatory qualities. Three to five tonnes of flower petals are needed to collect one drop of the precious cold distillate, rich with nearly 140 active molecules.

Although the core of active ingredients in Absolue Soft Cream draws on advanced biotechnology, its texture is a poly-sensory marvel. Lancôme Laboratories have designed a one-of-a-kind, evolutive formula that makes each application an incredible experience. The formula of Absolue Soft Cream is a promise of global effectiveness for all women who want revitalised, visibly transformed skin, whatever their age or skin type. Thanks to its multi-active role, skin is visibly regenerated in just a few days.

To extend the journey of the senses offered by Absolue Soft Cream and maximise its effectiveness, the Absolue range comes in several formulas made with Grand Extracts to address every need of the skin. As such, Rose 80 Brightening and Revitalizing Toning Lotion, Revitalising Oleo-Serum and Revitalising Eye Serum offer the guarantee of an exceptional global beauty routine.

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