On Calabria’s Ionian coastline, the springtime scent of orange hits the senses long before any groves come into view. As small white flowers dot the branches of orange trees, filling the air with their delicate fragrance, buzzing vibrates through the atmosphere as hundreds of bees forage from citrus blossom to citrus blossom, transporting a precious nectar to Guerlain’s hives that sit among the citrus groves.

For Nerolia Vetiver Harvest, Guerlain’s perfumers celebrate neroli’s rare beauty. Using an exclusive Guerlain honey extract that comes from the same flowers and the same trees House perfumers use to source their citrus essences, Neroli Vetiver Harvest weaves new interconnections with neroli. In order to reveal this honey’s elegantly floral and zesty orange blossom notes, Guerlain has adapted a process usually reserved for capturing volatile compounds for fresh, fruity fragrances — performing a technical feat.

For the first time, Guerlain has used resin columns for absorption to capture the scent molecules that give its orange flower honey its characteristic fragrance. Thanks to this gentle technology, the resulting extract, a new addition to the perfumer’s palette, remains faithful to the subtle nuances of this exclusive Guerlain honey. All combining to make this joint creation made by bees, Nature and the perfumer, an ingredient imbued with fragrant symbolism.

Instantly mouth-watering with its honey essence infused with neroli’s floral notes and elegantly refined nuances, Delphine Jelk has added this exceptional new honey note to Nerolia Vetiver Harvest in generous doses, lending the eau de toilette a newfound roundness and a subtle yet tempting facet. Throughout, the nectar creates crossovers between its iconic ingredients to create a fragrance of unparalleled richness.

With its top notes that underscore the floral inflections found in neroli, the result is a perfect accord made from essences that quite literally come from the same flowers – some gathered by bees, others picked by humans. When enveloped with honey’s sweetness, neroli fluctuates between revealing orange blossom’s radiance and its soft sweetness.

A woody, vibrantly luminous floral. Evoking the island landscapes of Ischia in the Bay of Naples, radiantly floral Calabrian neroli accentuated with vetiver combines with the freshness of basil and a delicious fig accord.

At the heart of the fragrance, Nerolia Vetiver’s fig accord appears fleshier and plumper, as if the honey note has drenched the fruit in sunshine. Meanwhile, honey and vetiver base notes join in remarkable synergy as the citrus accents found in the honey meld with the grapefruit inflections in the vetiver. Combined, they leave an irresistible fragrant impression and tell the extraordinary tale of what perfume is to Aqua Allegoria: a vibrant celebration of Nature’s generosity.


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