Real estate expert Walid Al Zarooni, CEO of W Capital, a real estate brokerage company based in Dubai, is one of the best national brokers who sell real estate in the Emirate of Dubai in 2023, with a value of approximately AED222mn, for the fifth year in a row.

“Acheiving these large sales numbers while remaining on the list of the best-selling Emirati brokers, reflects the company’s distinction and success in winning the best real estate projects with commitment to providing the best services to customers,” said Walid Al Zarooni,CEO.

“We are pleased to maintain our superiority within the Dubai market year after year since we launched W Capital in 2007.Our keenness to ensure that the company records sustainable growth and increases the number of clients benefiting from the services provided, and to provide advisory support based on our accumulated experience, boost our business growth,” he added.

“We are keen to push the real estate sector within the emirate, spread real estate culture, work to attract foreign investors, and pump investments into the most active sector in Dubai, in addition to our commitment to laws, regulations, and the honor of the profession,” the CEO confirmed.

Walid Al Zarooni revealed that the company specializes in the field of real estate brokerage, buying, selling and leasing, providing real estate consultations, and is approved by more than 70 real estate developers. The total value of the real estate marketed by the company to major developers since its establishment until now has exceeded AED1.3bn.

Al-Zarooni stated that “W Capital” aims to have a strong presence among the best national real estate brokerage companies in the coming years, by supporting the expansion plans of UAE real estate companies.

Al Zarooni pointed out that the company is focusing on increasing the purchasing momentum of individuals and companies while highlighting the attractive investment opportunities available in the market, which is still on an upward trajectory in the medium term.

He noted that the real estate market made record sales in 2023, exceeding AED400bn for the first time ever, pointing out that the market is likely to continue positive performance in 2024, benefiting from economic activity in the emirate, the recovery of the tourism sector, and increased demand for housing.


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