The program of events on the preparation and holding of the election made it possible to organize the entire election process at a high level, provide conditions for full implementation of the electoral rights of the Uzbek citizens. Tomorrow’s Presidential elections is one of the most important socio-political events in Uzbekistan this year, which has key importance for the further sustainable development of the entire Central Asian region as a whole, in the medium and long term.

The modern electoral system of New Uzbekistan is the result of many years of evolution and multilateral political dialogue. In general, the electoral legislation has undergone many adjustments aimed at improving the electoral process. Moreover, the introduction of each, even a minor change, is always preceded by thorough work, an analysis of the past election campaigns and the development of proposals on the improvement of legislation on its basis. Democratic transformations in Uzbekistan, as well as an ever-increasing level of political and legal consciousness of citizens, civil institutions are the basis for further improvement of the country’s electoral system.

The OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR) has 289 observers watching the campaign and election-day procedures at polling stations. Running for the president are candidates from all officially registered parties of the country: the Social Democratic Party Justice (Adolat), the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, National Revival Democratic Party, the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, and also the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, whose candidate is the current President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The coronavirus pandemic has made a difference in every aspect of human life. In a number of countries, elections were canceled or postponed. Now the elections are being held in new conditions, for the first time people are admitted to polling stations strictly wearing masks using an antiseptic. In organizing the electoral process in a pandemic, attention should be paid to the following aspects. The first is aimed at the general organization of elections. These are measures related to premises, non-contact thermometry, flow regulation, social distance, mask mode, use of sanitizers. The second concerns the requirements for voters, in particular, the mandatory wearing of a mask, the use of antiseptics, and distance. Third, the participants in the electoral process, who will be present at the polling stations permanently on election day, are members of election commissions, observers, and proxies. Elections are indeed turning into effective mechanisms for the formation of state power, ensuring its continuity and political stability.


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