Art project “Useless Palace” at Inloco Gallery created by an international group of artists:, Filippo Minelli, Neda Salmanpour, Lokher, Anton Selone & 10.203 Group. The exhibition featured canvases and sculptures made during the artistic intervention in the desert, found objects and digital works created with the assistance of AI technologies.

Inloco launches in Dubai as it introduces its first exhibition and premieres a short-film in the UAE, inspired by the site-specific installation “Useless Palace” which took place at Mleiha Archaeological site in Sharjah in 2022. The short film is a story that offers a glimpse into the fascinating exploration of an abandoned space. It is a story filled with the spirit of adventure and opens up various layers such as philosophical reflections, mind-blowing landscapes and artistic humor for the viewers to analyze and dissect with their imagination.


Inloco is an art gallery committed to promoting and supporting street artists, fitting urban contemporary into the wider context of contemporary art and at the same time preserving and highlighting its uniqueness. It aims to assemble a representative collection of works by cutting-edge street artists and promoting their vision. Inloco has been eagerly supporting street art and research projects since 2017. Scheduled to open it’s permanent space Al Khayat Avenue in Fall of 2023, meanwhile Inloco Gallery will create pop-up and outdoor projects capturing the essence of urban art and initiating a dialogue between International and UAE artists as well as researching local traditions and history.

The gallery “Inloco Dubai” is a guide between civilizations, a thin line between East and West, a platform for cultural dialogues and world views, unity in a world of change. Their harbingers are artists whose canvas is the streets; guides in the philosophy that life is a journey. Inloco — is an art foundation committed to promoting and supporting street artists from around the world.

Inloco Pop-Up Gallery, WH 12, Al Khayat Avenue. 28.01 – 30.03 | Mon – Sat, 10am – 6pm


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